I, Sarah Beth, am committing to push my Rootamental skateboard at least 10+ miles a week. I am sponsored by the Earth to pick up any trash and recycling along the way. I hope this raises environmental awareness and inspires others to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Some weeks I will skate that minimum 10 miles and others I may do 30. I have mapped out various routes that I will be frequently riding and some that will be special adventures. I will routinely push on the Bob Jones Trail, The San Luis Obispo Bicycle boulevard, The Railroad Bike Path, The Morro Bay Embarcadero and Los Osos Valley Road.

The Earth has given me the gift of life and love so I want to do as much as I can in return for the Earth. Recycling or making new things from recycled ones takes a lot less money, much less energy and saves a lot of the Earth’s natural resources, thereby helping the environment. I recycle because I care about the Earth and everything that lives in it.

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