Skate and Create in the Beautiful Golden State

Skated on Wednesday, June 27th ALL DAY. Skated the railroad bike path with Maya and back down broad. Then pushed along the bob jones bike path and soaked in the Avila Hot Springs with my lover Scott. Lovely summer day.

Today I skated to get groceries and up and down the railroad bike path.. Learning how to switch feet..Its comparable to writing with my left hand.. feels weird but starting to get the hang of it. 🙂 Crocheting some new plastic bag bags… Found some cool plastic bag colors..Stoked!


sk8ing rootamental bike path

Summer Solstice–Respect Nature

The Rock in Morro Bay California is a sacred Chumash site, home to many birds including the Peregrine Falcon, and a beautiful sight to see.

Now, in all the United States, outside of Alaska, there are perhaps 50 pairs of Peregrine Falcon that mate, lay eggs, hatch and fledge their young each year. The State Fish and Game Commission placed the American peregrine falcon on the endangered species list in 1973, and designated Morro Rock as an ecological reserve for protection of a peregrine falcon eyrie. Access to the rock is prohibited and persons trespassing on the reserve are cited.

Please read this link to understand how these incredible birds, nature, and the Chumash peoples are being disrespected.