Sandy Beach DAY

Pushed for 10 miles today to Avila and then to Pismo beach… Picked up a lot of trash along the way…although I don’t think it made too much of a difference because there is SO MUCH TRASH along the side of the road.. found one plastic bag that I can use to crochet and a plastic bottle to make a self-watering plant container.. Rolled around on the beach and napped… I still have sand falling out of my hair…

Sk8 D8

Skated about 3 miles to get some groceries with my lover. On Wednesday July 11,we are going to skate the bob jones trail and soak in the hot springs… ahhhhh this is turning into a Wednesday  SK8 D8 tradition…I wonder what it was like for the indigenous Chumash peoples to soak in the natural hot springs after a hike from the beautiful coast….What kind of animals in the area also used to enjoy the natural hot spring? I would love to visit a natural hot spring one day.. that would be lovely. hmmmm like this one north of Santa Barbra..


Morro Bay Mile

Skated a bunch this week getting ready for the Morro Bay Mile (4th of July). Had a blast skating hard with 45 other people on a beautiful Morro Bay morning.

“Marc Juvinall does it again, sets World Mile Record at 3:42.82 and scores the $250 performance bonus from Seismic, plus an additional $50 from the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce. He was followed closely by Cameron Cozza with a time of 3:43.65 and Jared Davies who finished at 3:45..35/

On the women’s side first place went to Rootamental team rider Sarah Leavitt at 5:01. Second place went to Paige Kubiak, 5:22. Third place finisher was Morro Bay City Manager Andrea Lueker, 6:06.”- Jack Smith, Skateboarding legend