Diablo Canyon and the Evil PG&E

Nuclear power is as green as a plastic bag. Yes, it takes little energy to produce… but the waste is toxic and stays on the Earth for thousands of years. If the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown were to occur it would contaminate the environment, the ground, the water, the plants, the animals and us, humans. Building the power plant was a huge mistake in the first place.

And now they want to do seismic testing to “better understand the earthquake faults around the nuclear plant”. Allowing Seismic testing will endorse killing and maiming of untold numbers of adult breeding mammals, crustaceans, fish, and other invertebrates. Click here to find out more about seismic testing.

“With 90% of global fisheries wiped out already and with an irreversible coral reef system collapse occurring right now, the situation is dire, nearly hopeless. But I have faith that we can resurrect the oceans, if only we can stop the destruction and stop it soon. The cause of this imminent global eco-system collapse is some seven billion human beings sucking the life out of the oceans like lust-deranged vampires. unless we stop the degradation of our oceans, marine ecological systems will begin collapsing and when enough of them fail, the oceans will die. And if the oceans die, then civilization collapses and we all die.”-Captain Paul Watson

PG&E cares about making money. PG&E does not care about the environment, the animals, plants and people living here. PG&E can say whatever they want, but actions speak louder than words. This survey should be stopped. This power plant and all power plants around the world should be shut down.
The fact is, we as people have the technology and ability to invest in real green energy. The kind that is renewable and yields no waste. Do not support Nuclear Power. We can get energy through other safe and green sources. Stand up for what is right and tell the rich and greedy that we do not want to support them any longer. Let us invest in our community, take charge and do what is right. We need to protect ourselves, the land and everything that lives here. Nuclear energy provides about 20% of the United States’ electricity. Let’s change that. For a Healthy future.

to read more about the seismic testing click here.

Effects of Radiation:

“The March 2011 nuclear disaster may cause as many as 2,500 cases of cancer, mostly in Japan, Stanford University scientists said. They incorporated emission estimates into 3-D global atmospheric modeling to predict the effects of radiation exposure, which was detected as far away as the U.S. and Europe. Cancer cases may have been at least 10 times greater if the radiation hadn’t mostly fallen in the sea, said Mark Z. Jacobson, co-author of the first detailed analysis of the event’s global health effects. Identical emissions from a hypothetical accident at California’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant would be 25 percent deadlier because of differing weather patterns, according to the study published yesterday in the journal Energy & Environmental Science. Radiation fallout forced the evacuation of about 160,000 people surrounding the plant. It also left about 132 square kilometers as a no-go zone, some of it uninhabitable for decades. Prolonged exposure to radiation in the air, ground and food can damage DNA, causing leukemia and other cancers.” (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-17/fukushima-radiation-may-cause-1-300-cancer-deaths-study-finds.html)

Radiation poisoning is a form of damage to organ and other tissues caused by excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. Radiation exposure can increase the probability of developing several diseases, mainly cancer, tumours, and genetic damage. It is generally associated with acute (a single large) exposure such as that being released from a nuclear meltdown.

The amount of radiation exposure is usually expressed in a unit called millirem (mrem). Radiation doses of more than 5000 mrem/year are considered unsafe, regardless of source. In the United States, the average person is exposed to an effective dose equivalent of approximately 360 mrem (whole-body exposure) per year from all sources.

A radiation dose calculator can approximate values and general averages for typical annual radiaiton exposure. Nuclear technology expert Brad McCarthy stated that “exposure from a nuclear meltdown could fall between 100,000 to 1,000,000 mrem which could cause severe radiation sickness to the people in Japan with increasing likelihood of fatality.” (http://www.infowars.com/japanese-nuclear-meltdown-means-detrimental-health-effects-worldwide/)

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