Where to SK8?


“With gas prices still high in some parts of the Central Coast, many people have had to use other forms of transportation.

For one local college student, he’s been skateboarding to work for the past couple of years; and, just last month, he got a $203 fine for skating in the bike lane.

According to San Luis Obispo police, there is no bike riding or skateboarding downtown. The downtown area is considered between Santa Rosa Street to Carmel Street, and from Mill Street to Pacific Street.

Skateboarding is allowed on sidewalks outside of the downtown area.” for full KSBY story click here.

I have been skating around town and at school lately… Now I am wondering if I should risk getting a ticket…I live downtown on bike blvd and a few blocks from the “no skateboarding” zone.

From my house I skate around to take care of errands, meet up with friends or go to work. Skating is faster than walking,  good for your body and soul and is environmentally friendly…But it’s illegal. Why!?!?!??! What do people think I am going to do?!

I also work downtown in the “no skateboarding zone”, six blocks away from my house. I work late and feel more comfortable skating home rather than walking home, alone in the dark….the other place I venture to is school, you know to learn and develop my skills…But there is no skateboarding allowed there either ( might I also add that the paths are perfectly paved and smoooth as a babies butt). “Skateboards, inline skates, rollerblades, and scooters are prohibited anywhere on campus property.” – Rules and regulations for Cuesta College.

I love skating on bike paths around SLO county…but people give me crap for that too… One guy passed me and yelled “It’s called a BIKE path not a SKATE path”.

I could go to the skate park exept for the fact that its SUPER LAME and needs to be updated.. Also I love pushing, cannot do any tricks yet and before I go out to the LOS OSOS skatepark (where all the good skaters go)… I would like to get a little better…
If San Luis doesn’t want skaters on the streets, build them a skate park good enough to keep them there!


Where to skate?? I love the feeling of flying down the street with the wind in your hair and board beneath your feet.. Skating makes any outing enjoyable….by the way I sprained my ankle and will be out for a couple days… If you aren’t falling you aren’t trying hard enough!



One thought on “Where to SK8?

  1. The problem with people using skateboards and inline skates is that you cant completely stop yourself. I am all for skating and my bf skates regularly but some skaters are just plain rude. I was in SLO the other day visiting and while I was trying to pull into the public parking downtown this kid came flying out of the -entry way for cars- and slammed right into the car! He threw his hands up and cheers bc he didnt fall but hoped right back on his skate board and went on his merry effing way. Might I add that he scratched out car with his ring. ugh. Like many other things, someone’s always gotta ruin it for the other person. I am sure I am not the only incident like this so I can see why it’s been banned in certain areas. Keep it up though, I love your blog Sarah!

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