Plastic Pollution makes National News

Happy New Year! 2013 and the plastic pollution still needs to be stopped! Celebrated the new year up in Big Sur with inspirational people and beauty all around me. Picking up plastic and trash where ever I go… I need a trash picker so I can get trash stuck in poison oak bushes… My knee is still healing but I have been doing yoga and will be back on my skateboard soon! For now just walking and picking up trash.

Interesting video from MSNBC on the plastic debris in Hawaii. They mention the great pacific garbage patch but don’t go into detail. National media needs to start talking about consumer choices linked with plastic pollution. Then people would realize we are all responsible, not just the tsunami in Japan.

“Last night NBC News featured a story triggered by tsunami debris that put the spotlight on plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean.  While it’s great to see more attention to the issue of plastic pollution, the story fell short of offering some solutions.  Tsunami debris is a relative drop in the bucket of global plastic pollution.

Plastic bag legislation, foam foodware bans, single-use water bottle reductions and extended producer responsibility are all ideas that will reduce plastic litter and the impacts on the marine environment.  “Every bird we open has plastic, 100%” is not acceptable and we need to turn the tide on plastic pollution, NOW!”  –Surfrider

Watch the MSNBC video here:

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