Guerrilla Gardeners of Morro Bay

Wow! I learned so much today at the Morro Bay Harbor festival from the Guerrilla Gardeners of Morro Bay.  The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides waste disposal stations located throughout sponsored events. Waste stations are positioned to make waste disposal easy and efficient for the event attendees. Each waste station is monitored and managed by the Guerrilla Gardening Club during the event. The waste station and its respective Guerrilla educate humans as they dispose of their waste. Through this interactive process event attendees realize that their “trash” can be sorted, recycled, composted, and saved.

The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides all materials for waste collection, sorting, disposal, and transport. Each event needs a waste management budget and plan specifically designed for the event and the waste being produced.

The Guerrilla Gardening Club Zero Waste Program provides an educational experience for event attendees and is the primary fundraising mission for the nonprofit Guerrilla Gardening Club. This program provides an essential service for event operations and can be a resource for promotions, sponsorship, and green business practices.


I was so inspired by Taylor Newton, the leader of the group, speaking passionately about recycling and zero waste. Their zero waste program gets large events to send as much to the recycling center as possible and reduce the amount that is taken to the landfill.

All over the event are bins placed in pairs. A recycle next to a trash or a recycle next to a compost bin. Volunteers/workers are scouring the course picking up trash floating on the ground or reorganizing the bins to make sure the trash is in the trash bin, recycling in the recycle and food scraps in the compost.


Once the trash bags are full they are brought back to the two large trash and recycling containers on the edge of the event. There the trash goes through one last sorting to make sure nothing that can be recycled ends up in the landfill. Its a dirty job but its fun and gratifying!

(VIDEO sorting recycling from trash)

Newton also educates people attending these events on the importance of recycling and zero waste. I love that people get to see others interacting with “trash” and learning about this amazing program.


My neighbor Monique and I had so much fun working with this rad group! We will be working with them again this Saturday, October 12 from noon to 5 atSurfrider’s Free Fall Art show @ the Avila Community Center. See you there!

free fall art show

Found this on! Awesome information and graphic! :

zero waste system

New rules and policies that take a responsible approach to using and conserving dwindling natural resources.

New manufacturing processes and smarter design where manufacturers are held responsible for the full lifecycle of their products, giving them the incentive to design for the environment, NOT the dump.

New programs in every sector of our society to shift our culture away from wasting and toward a sense of responsibility for our planet and its future.

Resource recovery infrastructure to replace landfills and incinerators and recover 90% or more of our discards.

Empowered citizens like you who now live in a system that supports your efforts, while you continue to call for Zero Waste progress in your community.


2 thoughts on “Guerrilla Gardeners of Morro Bay

  1. We would love a copy of this article!!! You captured our mission perfectly. Thank you for the share.
    Jennifer Randolh Newton
    Business Manager
    Guerrilla Gardening Club 501c-3

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