Trash + Love with Aurora Robson

^Tom Deininger ^

Project Vortex is an international collective of artists, designers and architects actively working with plastic debris. They support projects that intercept the plastic waste stream in innovative ways. The work they feature on this site helps support non-profit organizations around the world who are conducting cleanups of our waters and waterways. Project Vortex is raising awareness about plastic pollution while raising money to restrict the flow of plastic to our oceans. Project Vortex is committed to connecting non-profit cleanup organizations with people and collectives who are using plastic debris for their work.

Why Intercept the Plastic Waste Stream?

Approximately 70% of commercially produced plastics sink – so what we are observing in oceanic gyres and washing ashore on our beaches really only represents roughly 30% of what is in our oceans. About 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year and roughly 10% of that ends up in our oceans. Only about 20% of the plastic arriving in our oceans comes from barges and ships that are dumping this material in our waters, the remainder is coming from rivers, shores and our own carelessness in handling of this material. Marine life is ingesting plastic, which is not only harming them, but also means it is entering the food chain. Plastics are produced with toxic additives, many of which are known carcinogens, obesogens, endocrine disruptors, or linked to other birth defects and neurological problems in humans. We all need to handle this economical, lightweight, polluting material with care and that is what the people with work with us are doing and trying to inspire others to do as well.

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