Black Fish

Orcas in nature are majestic marine mammals that live upwards of 60-90 years. They are the Apex Predator of the Sea, as an adult, they have no natural predators keep the ecosystem in check. Orcas are in the Order Cetacea and Family Delphinoidea along with dolphins. They have sex for pleasure, love to play, possess self recognition and a long term memory and other mind bending brilliance.

order cetacea

family dolphnThey have a complex social structure and  matrilineal family groups, known as pods, which is what their live centers around. Because females can reach age 90, as many as four generations travel together. Individuals separate for only a few hours at a time, to mate or forage. Sons staying with their mothers until death and females go off and start their own pod. To learn more about these incredible creatures click here. 


Black Fish is a must see documentary about Orca whales held in captivity at Sea World.

A very heavy movie, moving me to tears and keeping me on the edge of my seat. “Seaworld” and the abuse of animals needs to end. Every living creature should be free and live in happiness.

My only critique of the movie is I wish they had put in more scientific background of orcas complex lives in the wild and shown off their intelligence more.

Black Fish trailer

Click here to watch the full movie.

All life stems from the sea. Some creatures evolved and made themselves a new home on land. Then evolving further into Mammals such as humans. Some land mammals evolved even further and went back to the Sea…Marine Mammals.

All marine mammals in the ocean are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of  1972. Which makes it illegal to be within 100 ft of a marine mammal. MMPA prohibits the taking of marine mammals, and enacts a moratorium on the import, export, and sale of any marine mammal, along with any marine mammal part or product within the United States.

Why are we letting this horrible abuse happen?? How can we stop this!?

There are many organizations fighting this such as The Sea Shepard society and The Origami Whales Project.

Here is an incredible video showing off the intelligence of Orcas. 

Captivity/Imprisonment makes any sentient being go INSANE. No living creature should be subjegated to this abuse.

Lets do our part to save these incredible mammals and let them live in peace.


Sarah B

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