Mindful Shopping

Last week I had my first zero waste month shopping experience at the SLO Natural Foods Co-op.









I stayed in the produce and bulk isles of the store to ensure little to no packaging. For the bulk items I used reusable glass jars instead of single use plastic bags. I placed the produce directly in my cart and washed later instead of using the ever so frightening plastic bag.










I steered clear of the isles with packaged food but caved and bought a loaf of bread.


This loaf is packaged in a plastic bag! I feel bad but what I’m I to do? I love avocado toast in the morning! I talked with one of the co-op workers, Teresa, and she lent me a book on baking my own bread with ingredients from the bulk bins. This week I am going to attempt to bake my own bread, wish me luck!

IMG_3389Did you know you can refill your shampoo and conditioner at SLO Natural Foods? By doing this it eliminates the many plastic shampoo bottles that are thrown away every year.


Practicing mindful shopping has forced me to think about everything I am buying on a deeper level.  I used to only think about whether or not the food item was healthy for me to be consuming. Now I am thinking about whether or not the packaging of the food item is healthy for me and the Earth.

I not only bought a loaf of bread but also a plastic bag. My goal for this experience is not only to be more mindful but to learn how to live my life in a zero waste way.

I biked home with my reusable bags full of yummy food and thought about what kind of world I would like to live in and leave for future generations.

xoxo Sarah Bellum

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