The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

When most people hear buying in bulk they think of large packages of food at Costco or filling plastic bags with food and writing down numbers at the whole foods bulk section.


In reality buying in bulk can mean no packaging at all! When we bring our own jars to the store we are refusing single use plastic bags, we are saying no to packaging and we are saving money all at the same time!

We should all love buying in bulk and remember that zero waste bulk shopping is never complete without bringing your own jar. Start by weighing your jars at the store and labeling them with said weight. Now you are ready to shop for your favorite foods!

When buying in bulk we can also directly manage the amount of food we are buying.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better buying in bulk also dramatically shrinks the carbon footprint of your meals, as bulk goods require less overall transportation before arriving at the grocery store.

Check out this bulk buying study conducted by Portland State University to find out the average cost savings when buying in bulk. 

FACT: Organic bulk foods on average cost 89% less than their packaged counterparts.  Bulk foods also prevent a significant amount of packaging from entering landfills


One thought on “The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

  1. Thanks for the article Sarah ! Shopping for product in bulk has many benefits, for the environment and for our wallets. As a student, its important to begin this lifestyle change early.

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