“Bring Your Own Container”

When I first started learning about plastic pollution and the effect on marine life I made a personal promise to  refuse single use plastic like bags or water bottles. When I was introduced to the idea of Zero Waste earlier this year a veil lifted from my eyes and I began to see almost everything at the grocery stores wrapped in plastic. Since then, I have been trying my best to reduce the amount of waste I create by bringing my own containers, mainly glass jars, to the store when I shop. I found most of my inspiration from Bea Johnson  who has developed an app called BULK so consumers can be connected with bulk friendly grocery stores.

The only stores in San Luis Obispo,CA that are bulk friendly are SLO Natural Foods and New Frontiers. However about a month ago New Frontiers was bought out by Whole Foods and a couple days ago I was met by this sign.


WOAH! When I approached the checker he did not refuse my reusable containers and when I asked him about the sign he replied it is for “health code” reasons. For now I will keep on bringing my own containers and will hopefully get an interview/phone call in the near future with Whole Foods corporates for a proper explanation.

Instead of taking steps back like Whole Foods we need to be taking steps forward like this incredible Zero Waste grocery store that recently revived crowd funding and support in Berlin, Germany.

I would love to start seeing zero waste stores popping up everywhere (especially in SLO)!


Sarah Bellum



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