Fantastic Plastic!


In the beginning I was scared, terrified actually. Overwhelmed and fearful of what all this human generated waste was doing to our planet.


I feared the obsession with consumerism and fast trends.


I feared plastic waste contaminating the world’s waterways and Oceans, the lifeblood of the Earth’s ecosystems.


I was scared that everything would collapse before my eyes before we could design a healthy future for all.

mark henson ecotopia New Pioneers by Mark Henson

We all fear something. The best thing to do about fear is to face it head on. Immerse yourself in the fear and surround it with infinite love. Fall head over heals with your fear. Thats the one true way to conquer it and fear is the one true thing to be conquered.


I have fallen in love with the most disgusting petrochemical material in the world. It bright colors, smooth touch, shapes, shades and sizes.


I love it so entirely that I clean it, give it value and transform it into beauty and light!

Candice standing front view 

❤ Plastic ❤

XOXO Sarah Bellum