Raw Sculpture Experiment

A couple years ago my boyfriend Scott and our friend Vassar made an interactive art sculpture in our front yard.  This Public art brought together our community in a FUN new way.


 The installation was a huge billboard and an 8 ft rectangle box with a four panels of plywood along the outside. Vassar painted a huge arm in a cast on the billboard with the words “sign my cast” inviting everyone to stop and be a part of the installation. It even showed up in the local newspaper!

vassar painting071 copy

The first night we had all our friends over for a huge party and had a blast. Painting and allowing the creative juices to flow.

080IMG_7119 copy

We had tables, paint and lights set up so everyone could paint on it and have FUN.

After the party was over we decided we wanted to have a similar community art day every week, so every Thursday we would get together and paint all day and into the night.

IMG_7113 copyfreedom is success

People slowed down when they passed by our house and it always made people Smile. If we were out there painting we would always invite them to grab a brush and join us. Kids faces would light up and they would get super excited to participate. We supplied chalk for the really little ones. 

IMG_1779scott and sarah painting

 This community art experiment made me realize that open participation and creativity without boundaries truly brings people together. The box was dynamic and always changing. Layers upon layers of paint, each person painting on top of whatever was already there.

IMG_1808053 copy

People in the community loved it and we kept in the front yard for months (until we got notified to take it down). We still have it in the backyard and bring it out occasionally for special events, sometimes we even transport it!

art night 1scott wave

Public Art brings communities together in a fun way and builds a strong foundation of interconnectedness.


The joy caused by our neighborhood art box will always inspire me to create and share with people around me.

alien chicken abductioni pledge

 We are all interconnected and we are all in this together.

XOXO Sarah Bellum

scott and vassar sign my castgood times

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