Creative Space

Do you have a space where you are inspired by the people around you? Do you have a space where you feel free to create with no distractions? What kind of space does that look like for you?


I have been dreaming about developing my sewing skills and connecting with other people around SLO who share my obsession with fiber arts and creative energy in general. At first I thought the answer would be to have a craft night at my house, invite some crafty people over and cook some food. While it was a good time, the creative energy and high productivity that I crave wasn’t there.

I want to create a space similar to my partner, Scott’s sign painting meetings that he attends every Tuesday night. His group is full of passionate and skilled sign painters that meet once a week in a badass warehouse where they can create openly with plenty of space and no distractions. I have been determined to find a space that people can come and work on fiber arts projects, free of distractions and full of creative vibes and passionate people.

My partner Scott turned me onto SLO Makerspace, a warehouse full of creative people and incredible tools!  SLO MakerSpace is a community resource dedicated to education and creativity. It is an open, collaborative machine/wood/electronics shop and craft center where one can build projects; teach and take classes; and build networks connecting with local people and resources.  I set up a work trade with them so I can use the warehouse whenever I want. We are going to host a Stitch and Bitch every monday night at the warehouse and I am so STOKED! makerspace Makerspaces are popping up in cities across the nation gifting people everywhere with a space to create. Click here to find a makerspace in your area! 

Surrounding myself with creative passionate people will definitely make my art grow to new heights! I am excited to share my new project with you all next week!


XOXO Sarah Bellum

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