Zero Waste Relationships


Zero waste is all about relationships.

Our relationship with the farmers growing our food, our local food co-ops, our local business owners, our local repair woman/man, our local (insert skill/passion here).

This way of living helps develop a deeper relationship with our local community and ourselves as we develop our own skills and passions.

It’s also our relationship with packaging, trash, and plastic.


For example: In order to avoid the ever frightening single-use plastic bread bag, I am left with two options…develop my bread making skills or develop a relationship with a local baker! 🙂


Today I chose the latter and bought bread from SLO county local, Kristen Finberg with Little Red Hen Bread at the farmers market at the San Luis Obispo Grange Hall. She gives me the bread and I put it directly into my re-useable cotton bag! 🙂

IMG_9989Farmers markets are a beautiful way to shop zero waste and meet sustainable, local, organic farmers! They are also a great way to avoid stickers and twisty ties on local produce!

IMG_9978My local Co-op, SLO Natural Foods, also does a great job of stocking local farmers produce! Today I  got a Kabocha squash from Branch Mill Organic Farm (Arroyo Grande). YUM.


My friend Theresa is a local herbalist and has ran the co-op’s bulk herb and spice section for many years! Anytime I have a health issue she always provides wonderful recommendations and positive conversation! ❤


These organic cotton bags are the best! They are made by a company in SLO county (Cambria) and they have the tare on the bag! This makes it so easy to shop for bulk dry goods. Yes, You too can buy wonderful chocolate without buying plastic!!! 🙂 IMG_8973When I get home from grocery shopping I love transferring the food from my cotton bags to my beautiful glass jars. I love that I don’t have labels screaming at me everytime I open my cabinet. I am also able to buy the exact amount I need of a certain item when I shop in bulk.


There are so many benefits!

Stay tuned for my next post about a zero wasters best friend….BAKING SODA!


🌈XOXO Sarah Bellum


P.S. This Labradorite pendant was found along the Willamette river in Portland, OR at the river clean up I organized for City Repair’s 2015 Village Building Convergence. On Thursday the crew is coming down for the Santa Barbara Seed Day Village Building Convergence! So stoked to kin-nect, flow and create with these opened hearted souls! ❤ ❤


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