Baywood Climate Fest

This weekend was Baywood Climate Fest!  In solidarity with the world wide activist movement in support of positive and prompt action on climate change.

I biked out there in the morning, shared plastic pollution facts and gathered signatures to ban plastic water bottles in SLO.

In the morning we all got on canoes, boats, sups, etc to form a big peace sign in the water! 🙂 Then there was live music, peace talks and lots of wonderful art!

My friend Silvi and I created “Betty” a gown created out of up-cycled plastic straws, water bottles and plastic bags! All the straws were found when I used to be a busser in the wasteful restaurant industry and the bottles and bags were found dumpster diving. 🙂

Grateful for my community and friends!

Love love love you all so much! Today was magical!

Here is a message by the wonderful Annie Leonard with Story of Stuff and Green Peace.

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