Practice ride through Big Sur

Winding down and reflecting back on these incredible past few days!

A crew of people from “One with nature” were going on a ride through Big Sur, so I tagged along and had a magical, eye-opening and beautiful experience for my first practice ride. 🙂 Biked 98.2 miles!

Day 1: 

Carmel — Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park 27.7 miles

We started early monday morning driving up to Carmel to get dropped off. 🙂 The day started with a large climb and then dropping down the valley right next to the ocean! It was so beautiful and enchanting. Watching the early morning light shine on the green hills and little pollen fairies dance along the wind. It was super windy across the Bixby bridge and I had to hold on tight to make sure I didn’t go flying into road! Luckily there weren’t too many cars due to the time of year. 🙂 We camped in the redwoods at Pfeiffer Big Sur state park, it was a cold night and I learned that I need to upgrade my camping set up for my February tour!


Moo Moo Cow with the spring flowers grazing on grass by the sea!


Felt so incredible to get to the top of this hill and see this beautiful place. 🙂


Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park campground in the forest.





The creek right by camp ❤

















Day 2: 

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park — Pacific Valley 30.6 mi -13 mi= 17.6 mi

Got started before noon cruising the PCH. Sheer cliffs down to the water on one side and towering mountains and redwoods on the other. With a stream of cars and characters in between everyone smiled and waved and gave me plenty of room for me to bike comfortably on the road. I loved taking my time, stopping to take pictures and communing with tree folk.

I found some happy people folk too! Along the side of the road I came upon this beautifully painted bus with the sweetest souls riding in it. They shared their cocoa nibs with me and the sacred knowledge of the fresh water spring that was across the street. I refilled my stainless steel water bottle with the spring water and rested for a while with this lovely group of new friends. 🙂 Laurels (french) showed me his juggling skills and we all shared hugs before I was on my way.


Lovely angels along the side of the road! ❤


Heart and Third eye expansion!! ❤ Love immersing myself in the colors of this beautiful place!! ❤





Natural spring coming out of the side of the mountain! So grateful for the abundance of water that surrounds us! ❤ Refill not Landfill!


Love this place ❤



















When traveling at a slower pace my awareness is heightened to all the trash that hugs the side of the road. The plastic bottle industry used fear to get us to think about scarcity and “dirtyness” with water. When in reality we live on this garden planet are we are surrounded by abundance. I saw a lot of trash along the road and the standout was definitely the plastic water bottles and these little blue ag. ties. Each piece of trash reminded me of why I am doing this tour and my dedication towards a zero waste lifestyle.



……and then I popped my tube. I realized that I had completely forgot my patch kit with the crew and my only option was to walk. Feeling completely held by the universe and my path I walked cheerfully, knowing that everything was going to be alright. A bus drove by and picked me up, dropped me off 13 miles down the road just ahead of my friends. Stoked that my friend Shea is a bicycle wizard and helped change my tube. Got back on the road and was cruising in no time.

Came around a bend and my heart fluttered with excitement and ease as I saw the peaceful pacific valley. Stopped off and crocheted part of a beanie for my friend overlooking Sand Dollar beach and soaked up some more sun. I stayed over at my friend Rosalia’s house in PV, shared a delicious meal together, crafted and giggled. 🙂 The second night was so warm and I snuggly. So blessed to be welcomed by such a magical fire fairy goddess. She is an inspiring artist, fire dancer and trash picker! Check out her Big Surcus page! IMG_1143 2IMG_1140














Day 3: 

Pacific Valley — Cayucos Collective 52.9 mi

Mmmmmm! Woke up feeling so fresh, wonderful and warm! My lovely friend Rosalia gifted me the most wondrous green smoothie and I started on my day. Got riding by 9:30 and had a glorious time! I stopped at Salmon Creek trail jumped around on the rocks, ate lunch by the mystical waterfall and crocheted the beanie Im working on. I did not produce a single piece of trash during the entire trip because I ate the food I bought in bulk with reusable bags from SLO Natural Foods and refilled my water bottles at the campgrounds, the natural spring and my friends house.


Rested at Ragged Point and had a nice lady take a picture for me. She turned out to be from Morro Bay and recognized me from SLO Life! haha so trippy! 🙂 Then the landscape changed dramatically at San Carp and it was all downhill (pretty much) from there.

Stopped off to take pictures with the elephant seals and popped my tire… Luckily the bike wizard Shea had an extra 10 speed tire with him and that crew had started much later in the day then me so they came up 15 minutes after it popped and helped me change it out! yay! So grateful!



The plan was to camp at San Simeon and then head to SLO this morning but when I saw Valencia point in  view I was amping to get home! 🙂 I called my boyfriend Scott and he was watching the surf competition at Cayucos Collective  so I decided to charge it to Cayucos and end my trip a day early. Coming through the valley and seeing Lisamu (aka the Rock) and watching the sunset over the beautiful Estero bay filled me with so much joy and happiness to be home. 🙂

I learned so much on this trip for my tour, had a breath taking experience immersing myself in the present moment bliss that is BIG SUR and now I am feeling so incredibly grateful to be home with Scott Kam and my SLO family.


xoxo Sarah Bellum





Zero Waste Bike Tour

bike route cali 1

Zero Waste Bike Tour with the Traveling Trash Fairy

San Luis Obispo, CA – Portland, OR along hwy 1/101

Days: around 2 months

Distance: 1,113 miles


I am planning a bike tour traveling zero waste and producing zero emissions on my crocheted 70’s Schwinn bicycle! My plan is to take my time interviewing activists, trash artists, landfill workers, repair people, etc during my tour and make a mini trash documentary! To find out more click here!


Preparing for my tour

oregonI have been minimizing my things down to the essentials but I am still in need of some gear. My goal is to get my bike tour gear used from the local community or make it myself DIY style out of trash! If you have old gear that you are will to donate to my tour here is a link to the bicycle gear I am in search of.

I have been learning the inner workings of my bicycle and in October I took an empowering course at SLO’s Bike Kitchen  on taking my bike apart and put it back together.  I will be taking longer rides as the date approaches my journey north.

I plan on interviewing activists and trash artists along the way to learn more about solutions to plastic pollution. Do you know of a magical fairy land, farmers market or bike kitchens along the way? I would LOVE suggestions for places to explore, activists to meet and fun things to do! Click here to let me know. 🙂 Thank you!!

Plastics and our dinosaur economy

We have been brainwashed into consuming single-use disposable plastics even though they pollute our Ocean, wildlife and us. The trash creators tell us recycling and resource recovery are the best options to save
our planet from these deadly materials. Yet as I dug deeper and realized that recycling is a public relations campaign to get us to overlook the simple root solution of source reduction.

The root of this pervasive and destructive material is petroleum and the toxic fossil fuels that have seeped into almost every crevasse of our lives.

It’s good friend the automobile, litters the landscape and dis-associates us from the places and communities we travel through. Socially excluding us from the great theater that is life.

A gleaming symbol of freedom and happiness the bicycle is the largest immediate threat to the polluting car culture. Immersive and fun traveling by bicycle tunes me into the landscape, the place and the people around me. Moving slowly through my environment gifts me the opportunity to whiteness the plastic junk that hugs the bushes on the side of roads.

northCar companies know all too well of this threat to their industry and are quick to promote bicycle “safety” and helmets as a way of scaring people out of this wonderful mode of transport. Using fear as a way to get people to stay in their mobile boxes of isolation and out of city council meetings proposing better bicycle infrastructure.

Traveling Zero Waste

For the past 3 years I have been studying our cultural relationship with trash and running the Rise
Above Plastics program for my local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Inspired to live my values I have adopted a zero waste lifestyle. Practicing zero waste, I either have to buy something in bulk with no packaging or make it myself. This gifts me the opportunity to build relationships with local, community members who have developed skills I have yet to learn. Building relationships with farmers, healers, bakers, etc. I have also developed new skills, from making my own toothpaste to learning how to repair my bicycle.

Zero waste living is empowering and simple. An unbranded life letting go of labels and embracing the beauty in bulk jars and cloth bags. No more labels screaming at from the fridge or bathroom cabinet. I feel like a old time fairy dabbing lotion on my face from a little potion bottle. Zero waste living prepares me for the future when we rise above the plastic age and live simple, happy lives with less stuff and more fun!

While I deeply appreciate the simple mindset zero waste has brought me I realize that I have to go beyond my own personal lifestyle if I want to create large scale change. Activism is of the highest importance for creating a more peaceful and fair world. By standing up as united citizens we can make leaps and bounds towards a peaceful revolution.

I am looking forward to my tour traveling slowly through places and communities, immersing myself in nature, meeting positive activists, learning about solutions, exploring new experiences, and having FUN.

Pedaling with a purpose.

xoxo Sarah Bellum