Localizing Life

Happy new year! ❤

For 2016 I am celebrating human powered transportation!! I am pledging to walk, sk8, bike, skip, jump, dance where ever I go. I am not going to get into a motorized vehicle (car, bus, plane,train) unless there is an emergency. I am hyper-localizing my life in order to drop in and be more present with the world around me.

I started out my year sk8ing the hills in Morro bay with my friends and then biked back to SLO along the back bay bird sanctuary.


Liam, me & Keira ❤ We had a blast sk8ing in the new year!




























When I move through the landscape slowly I notice the trash that litters our landscape and fouls our waters…. I always stop off to take pictures of the beauty and abundance that we are surrounded by and every time there is trash in the foreground. How do we change this? How do we hold the waste creators responsible for their spreading these toxic materials that don’t break down in nature?

IMG_2095 IMG_2102




I have been practicing for my tour and biked up the grade from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero! I have lived in SLO county for 5 years and now I feel like I am really experiencing this place when I’m on my bicycle. Riding makes me feel empowered and free! Listening to the birds sing, watching the leaves fall from their branches and feeling the air kiss my cheeks. Present moment bliss.

IMG_2020  IMG_2034








I was stoked to find stage coach road, a separate path from hwy 101!

IMG_2039 IMG_2069


IMG_2064I adventured up that huge hill to meet up with my bike faerie sister Brittany App. We met at Coastal Clean Up Day and then realized we are soul sisters! She bike toured from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL in 2010 to raise money and awareness for water aid. Now she is in the midst of creating a documentary called “Where there once was water”. 


Brittany, Steven and their awesome doggie Breaker! 🙂 They have beautiful handmade bicycle art all over their home and yard!

IMG_2053 IMG_2057

Brittany and her husband, Steven both love bicycles and are now official angel sponsors for my tour! We hung out, shared a delicious meal, talked about bike touring, they outfitted me with the coolest gear and then we giggled. 😉

By flowing down the path of zero waste I have localized my life more and more meeting local business owners and highly skilled beautiful people from my community. In order to buy something thats not in a package I have to go to the source. I have to seek out the local person in my community who specializes in that thing.

I have kin-nected (K-I-N because we are all Earth kin) with SLO’s hemp faerie Capri Salhstrom because she owns the Hemp Shak where I get my natural hemp cord (my favorite fiber to work with) and other zero waste goodies like glass straws! She also employs me at the Hemp Shak and gifts me artistic freedom and encouragement to create and play while working. Having this job during 2015 has taken my commitment to my art to the next level and I am forever grateful!!


me and Capri by the creek downtown SLO ❤


Hemp faerie pouch


Hemp faerie slippers

Building relationships and weaving together community, is what zero waste is about. Localizing my life gifts me the opportunity to support my neighbors and buy things from a friendly face rather than a plastic package with a cute label.

I was invited to talk with the Zero Waste club at Cal Poly last week. I had a great time talking to them about the zero waste revolution and hearing about all the projects they are working on on campus. Small world moment when I found out that the club leader’s dad plays bluegrass with my mama up north!


Cal Poly Zero Waste Club!


Emily Miller ❤ Club leader and zero waste angel ❤

This week I had my last Surfrider meeting before my tour. I have been part of this Surfrider chapter community since 2012 running their Rise Above Plastics Beach Clean Up Program. They have supported, and encouraged me to flow down this activist path and I will always look to them for inspiration!

SLO Surfrider Foundation

SLO Surfrider Foundation

The local chapter is the largest sponsor for my tour! Gifting me funds for places to stay, food and any opportunities along the way. Feeling embraced and super supported from my SLO family! My goal is to get a picture laughing with all of my friends before I begin my travels north. Check out my sponsor page to see all the giggles! 😉

Cheers to our hearts pulsing together for a peaceful revolution ❤

xoxo SB



ps I figured out which book I will be taking with me on my tour! Starhawk’s city of refuge! 🙂 ❤ An ecotopian epic novel! Stoked


One thought on “Localizing Life

  1. I’m hooked; your blog already is energizing. You are a true role model and inspiration. We will miss you in body, but your person lives on here. We’ll all say, “Sarah did this”…

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