Imbolc, Angels & Butterflies

Made aebleskivers, received a ceremonial stick n’ poke and lit a candle for Imbolc, the day that we celebrate the passing of Winter and make way for Spring.

It is the day we honour the rebirth of the sun and we may visualize the baby sun nursing from the Goddess’s breast. It is also a day of celebrating the Celtic Goddess Brigid. Brigid is the Goddess of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, and Midwifery. If you can make it with your hands, Brigid rules it. She is a triple Goddess, so we honour her in all her aspects. This is a time for communing with her, and tending the lighting of her sacred flame.

Thank you Katy, Steven, Skylove, Govinda & Bryce for the sweet send off on this powerful day. ❤ I love you all so much and miss you all already!!! ❤

Day 1:

Rode from Morro Bay to Cambria on the first day of my tour. Met up with my beautiful friends Ben & Iris and their son Oblio and pup Caleve to explore the first stop of my tour and enchanting up-cycled castle, Nitwit Ridge. Old home of the godfather of up-cycling and original zero waster, Art Beal.

In 1928, he purchased 2 ½ acres of pine-covered hillside in coastal Cambria Pines, California, and began to construct a series of buildings that would eventually ramble across the 250-foot-high ridge. Beal’s one rule was to not pay for anything except cement: he collected shells from the ocean, wood from the hillsides, broken plates from neighbors, and everything else from the city dump. He had previously worked as the City of Cambria’s garbage collector and had his own truck; according to local legend, he was fired because he spent too much time searching through refuse for usable materials. Using only hand tools, Beal worked on his project for over fifty years. Now abandoned it’s lost in time with dust covered food in the cupboards, tools in the shed and clothes in the closet.


Stayed the night with my friends David and Cindalee Bidwell in Cambria. They are eco-activist-artist-farmers with HUGE hearts of joy! I had a wonderful time sharing a meal, sitting by the fire and talking about bike touring with them! David has biked cross country and shared tips, stories and homemade sauerkraut to take with me on my journey! Cindalee is the flower girl of Cambria, selling flowers on the corner for over 28 years and fell in love with her husband, David at the spot! ❤ So grateful to experience their love and for these two sponsoring my tour!


Day 2:
Biked from Cambria to my friends place in Pacfic Valley (south Big Sur). Ryan grew up with Scott in VTA and is a surfing, skaing, big hearted firefighter and Rosalia is a yogi-trash picking-fire dancing goddess in Big Surcus. Thankful that they shared their sanctuary and big sur fire faerie medicine with me!
The hills were intense and so was the sun. Stoked on this incredible weather for the beginning stretch of my ride! Saw coyotes, butterflies, hawks and elephant seals throughout my ride. Made it to PV right before sun down and shared my last meal for a while with my love of 4 years, Scott Kam. He introduced me to Ocean culture, Surfrider and activism when I first met him in 2011.Grateful to share life and love with Scott in SLO.  He taught me how to skate, he helped me get sober (3 years now) and most importantly he empowered and inspired me to follow my dreams.

Day 3:

It was a difficult morning saying “see you later” to Scott….but the mountains and bird songs quickly brought me back to my present moment bliss and I received a beautiful message from “KS” at the top of one of these giants! Plastic litters the landscape even in this beautiful place… The majority single use plastic water bottles and other food wrappers. Most of it is on the side of the road engulfed in great bushes of Guardian oak and not possible to get to.

Biked to Pfeiffer Big Sur state park and camped with my beautiful friends Rob and Kelly and their two dogs. 🙂 They spoiled me with food, treats and a sweet fire to say goodnight to. Rob and Kelly run the “Ocean Friendly Gardens” program for SLO Surfrider and have an incredible eco garden in shell beach. They were so fun to have along my journey for the day! Feeling faerie blessed to be spoiled like a princess after the Big Sur hill climbs!! ❤


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