Windy kisses & Lady Bugs

Day 4:

Biked to from Big Sur to Carmel today. Met a fellow activist woman solo-bike tourist named Mars heading south to facilitate a workshop on non-violent communication at an Earth First! conference in Santa Barbra. Soul sisters! ❤ She was going to stay at David and Cindalee’s in Cambria too! Small world!

The weirdest thing keeps happening, everytime I pull my bike over to the side of the road, I find lady bug friends hanging out.. not sure what it means but it makes me happy to see so many little friends along the way! 

Rob & Kelly met me for lunch at the bottom of Bixby bridge and said our “see you laters”. Ended up in Carmel with my friends Dylan Foster and the Evered family. Dylan used to help run the beach clean up program with me in 2014. We stayed at their faerieland ranch over looking carmel sea and horses on the hillside. Went out to dinner and had a fun time drawing on the table. 😉 So grateful for the Dylan and the Evered family for letting me stay in their love shak and for sharing so much yummy food with me!


While living zero waste is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, the hardest part is refusing free food wrapped in packaging. I have decided that while I will NEVER buy anything wrapped in plastic, I will kindly accept an organic granola bar or something like that if it is given to me for free with love and I could really use it. My tour budget is small and anything helps.

Also 60% of all food in the US goes to waste so I believe in dumpster diving for food and the entire dive movement. My Surfrider activist friend down in Ventura, Ally Gialketsis has a food waste blog, Food Waste Forager, that I highly recommend you check out!

Day 5:

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK……. this was my hardest day by far.

Accidentally took a wrong turn on 17 mile drive through pebble beach in Carmel. The only road that keeps reminding you how many miles you went out of the way… 😉 It was beautiful in the Cypress tree shade and riding along the ocean but it was WINDY!  The hills of Big Sur were tough but there was only one road and no getting lost. Finally found my way with the help of this man named Craig, he showed me the bike path through monterey and the Salinas river valley. So wonderful getting off of the road and onto a bike path! Ran into my new friend Tito, a French man riding from Patagonia to Alaska, he has been on the road for one year and two months! Tito is the only other bike tourist I know of heading north and I was grateful to ride this windy stretch with him.

On the road there is a sweet community of bicycle tourist and its fun to stop off and talk with them and see where they are headed. All the ones I’ve met are going south except Tito, due to the prevailing southbound winds. The wind pushes them…but it kisses us! 😉 ❤

The ladybug medicine keeps flowing into my life and today they were landing on me while I was riding!

It was interesting to pass through the lavish mansions of pebble beach and then end up in the farm lands and witness the huge inequality of wealth in this county…

After 58 miles the sun was starting to set. My goal was to make it to Santa Cruz but I took a hotel room in Aptos so I didn’t have to ride in the dark. Alone in the hotel room, it was nice to shower and have some space to myself and then I saw it.. a 15 page paper on the bedside table about the owner of the hotel and how much she loves Morro Bay, CA and started feeling a little homesick after this rough day. Love you SLO family!! forever!

Day 6: 

Woke up early, biked to Santa Cruz and had such a beautiful day!!!!

Stopped at Staff of Life health food store and had myself a morning smoothie to start my day with the highest of vibes! Staff of Life has over 800 bulk items and an awesome vegan cafe. Met up with my artist & activist friends Sean and Maya whom I met in SLO but now they live in a sweet spot of w. cliff drive. Sean works in water filtration systems and Maya works with todlers at a care center. We took a dip in the Ocean at Natural Bridges beach and then went back to their house.

They live a couple blocks from the beach and their backyard gate opens up to Derby park, supposedly the first recognized skatepark in America! There was a crew of girl skaters that called themselves the “Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers” haha they rip! Sean is an amazing skater and created a sk8 culture zine called Realize where he wrote the first article about my bikinis in 2012! 🙂

Biked over to the lane with Maya and Sean and danced with the Santa Cruz ecstatic dance community in the grass! Watched the sunset and cooked a delicious stir fry back at their house! Maya and I have sister knitted/crocheted bikes!! So stoked on the “Sunday Santa Cruz Special” they shared with me! ❤ Love love love!!

Day 7: 

Woke up stoked and biked from Santa Cruz to Half moon bay where I met up with my mom’s bluegrass friend Mimi! 🙂 They met at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and Mimi is one of the founders of California Coast Music Camp. It was wonderful to spend time with her in her beautiful home and finally write these blogs posts! Biking to SF today! infinite love! SB

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