Foggy Delirium

Writing this…. all the days seem to blur together…

Left Forest Knolls happy and stoked! Biked through the redwood forest along the creek and then came up through the green hills of dotted cows and oak trees. It was getting hot so I stopped to take my sweatshirt off when my bungee cord flung out of my hands over the side of a bridge and into a creek……


The cord literally holds my life together on the back of my bike. I had a bunch of hemp cord with me and could have figured out a way to tie it all together but I saw a tree a little ways down the creek and decided to climb down to retrieve my precious bungee…. Once I got down there I realized it was going to be a lot harder to get back up….After getting a little dirty, wet and scraped up I was back on the road.

Ran into my friends from the Marin Bicycle Museum who were on their way to Bodega bay to celebrate valentines. Love seeing new friends on the road! 🙂

After 50 miles of riding I made it to Bodega Bay tired and sweaty looking for a place to set up my tent. Biked around the campground receiving weird looks until this lovely couple smiled and waved to me. 🙂 Kristin & Daniel let me camp on their site with them and their family. They shared their food, stories and laughs with me. We had a fun night by the fire and then I was back on the road in the morning. My goal was to make it to Mendocino before the rain storm giving myself 2 days to bike 100 miles…. Thats when I noticed my arm began to itch…..

Biking down hills is way more fun then bike/walking my bike up them but I have to be careful of bumps in the road or my whole pack will go flying off! This happened and within one mile I found Melinda, who was pulled over to the side of the road, saw me biking and offered me cookies! haha the world is full of beautiful folks! 🙂

The hills of Sonoma county remind me of Big Sur  and so did the non-existant shoulder. Biking on these roads I have to trust in the divine universe that cars will see me and maybe hear my bell that I ring obsessively to all those who pass. 😉

Riding through so many beautiful places its overwhelming to see the amount of trash on the side of the road… most of it being single-use coffee cups…. How hard is it to bring our own to shops??? The mile markers keep me going and bring me joy when I have completed another mile. Slowly beginning to admit that I had the first stages of the great guardian of the forest rash on my arm I was determined to get to Mendocino, thinking I would wait out the rain and find a hippie community that would have some healing ointments for my rash. Damn maybe jumping down in that creek, sweating in the same outfit for days on my bike and curling up in my sleeping bag were not the best counter actions for the oak oils……

Biking through mendo county it was foggy and the air seemed colder with the approaching storm. I encountered the logging trucks that everyone had warned me about…. they cannot hear my bell….their whole rig shakes the ground and I quickly dismount off my bike and hug the side of the road and wave in hopes they will see me. Tears fall when I see all of the fallen tree angels in their truck bed. Why are we still cutting down trees? down forests? To make paper????? Cardboard for amazon shipments of stuff we don’t need and the huge pile of junk mail that comes to us with out consent….

Why use trees that take generations to grow when we could use HEMP for the paper we actually need. Durable. STRONG and grows like a weed! No need to cut down old growth forests  when Mother Earth provides this incredibly versatile plant that we can all grow! One acre of hemp (grown in a single season) yields as much paper as up to 4 acres of trees! I could go on about the power of hemp in this revolution and its long list of uses but this incredible plant deserves a blog post of its own, stay tuned!

Big trucks in general are hazardous on the road and most of them are transporting packaged junk “food” and plastic bottled soda to brainwashed america. Big trucks got no reason in my book.

Made it to Mendocino just in time for the storm. Stocked up on some soup fixings at the local health food store and made my way to Jug Handle Creek Farm in hopes of finding a hippie community and heal this growing oak rash on my arm.


…………………The next few days were a blur……………………..Arrived at this beautiful nature center/organic farm but due to the time of year and stormy weather I was alone in this eco-hostel…….. I got terribly sick with food poisoning upon arrival and stayed in bed for two days. I couldn’t keep any food down and my guardian oak rash had exploded to all parts of my body…. Lightening flashes, rain pelting the roof, thunder shaking the creeky old house….so many empty rooms… internet… cell phone reception…no pictures ( I got this one online)…..Just me, guardian oak spirit and my delirious thoughts to keep me company……

After a few days I felt strong enough to bike to Fort Bragg just 5 miles north and find some medicine for my rash. Now I am in a hotel healing and I am in need of some help. I wasn’t expecting to stay in a spot for so long, let alone at a hotel and I think I need a couple more nights as I wait for my oak rash to subside before I can get back on the road…My budget is dwindling and I could use some funds to get me through the rest of my tour. If you have some abundance to share I would be forever grateful! 🙂 ❤

Click here to link to my paypal for donations. 

Thank you all so much for your support and LOVE!!


slightly delirious healing sarah B ❤


I bet if Juliette of the herbs was by my side she would know which herbs would heal me! Check out her inspiring documentary. 🙂

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