City of Roses


I made it to 🌹Portland🌹 after biking 1,192 miles over the last 50 days!

The main three things I learned on my journey are:

The Earth is full of angels✨🌎👼✨

Zero waste is about community, supporting local people to bypass packaging and make new friends👫💕

The rEVOLution is about having FUN together putting the planet and people first! 🌈✌💗

I took the Tilikum crossing to get across the river. Portland’s new bridge that only allows public transit, bikes and pedestrians! So beautiful. 🙂 Met up with some friends to celebrate and then got cozy in my new faerie home and hung out with my new roommates. 💗

Thank you all for the support, encouragement and love!!!

I am grateful for all of you being part of my life journey.💗

Happy happy happy to call Portland my new home. Walking around town and getting grounded.

✨Glowing with Gratitude✨

Sarah B


Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened


Home is

Everywhere, each

Angel along the


Treat them

Sweetly, smile upon their soul.


Dreaming of Portland as I get closer with every pedal, envisioning what my life will be like there and thinking about all the inspiring activists from the City Repair crew!

Last year I went to City Repair’s Village Building Convergence and had my mind blown with permaculture, revolutionary design, social/group dynamics and fun.  I fell in LOVE with all the open hearted loving activists and started feeling my heart being drawn back to the northern faerie lands.

This revolutionary non-profit and the angels that run it are why I am going to call Portland my new home. I want to learn from them and develop my activist skills so I can better help the world.


This is City Repair’s mission:

The City Repair Project fosters thriving, inclusive and sustainable communities through the creative reclamation of public space.

City Repair facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. We are an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. The many projects of City Repair have been accomplished by a mostly volunteer staff and thousands of volunteer citizen activists.”

You are all invited to Portland this summer June 3-12 to experience the coolest festival on the west coast! The Village Building Convergence is a community action festival where neighbors come together with visitors to create community spaces that feature public art, gathering places, permaculture gardens and natural buildings in a process they call “placemaking”. These projects happen each day of the festival at over 40 sites throughout Portland. Then in the evening everyone comes together for an inspiring conference, community gathering and beautiful music festival!

Found an awesome food co-op in newport and they had bulk vegan cookies! What?! so stoked! 🙂 Biked in the rain and hail to Otter Crest and stayed with warm showers host Tricia and her husband George. They were so sweet and shared stories with me of their bike tours, their first one in 1976 for their honeymoon. Enjoyed the most comfortable bed of my entire trip and watched the stormy ocean from their porch. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.” 🙂

Another rainy bike ride to my friend Tyler and Sara’s warm and cozy home in Lincoln Beach. I went to high school with Tyler and hadn’t seen him in 5 years! It was wonderful re-kin-necting with him and meeting his awesome wife Sara. They are beautiful happy souls with lots of love to share! I had a great time talking with them about off the grid living and the Oregon surf culture. So stoked on these two and looking forward to biking back to the beach to hang out with them soon! 🙂

The sunshine kissed me all the way to Cape Look Out state park where I camped and watched a beautiful sunset. So stoked on my jetboil that my friend David gave me for my tour. It heats up water in 2 minutes and works great for my bulk dehydrated lentils and oatmeal. Also stoked on my spice kit from my friend Steven so I can mix up the taste of my lentils every night I camp! 🙂 Finding bulk health food stores makes zero waste easy on the road. Next week I will post a map for everyone of all the food co-ops along the west coast that offer bulk.

Another beautiful bike ride through Cape Meares and into Tillamook where I met Bruce from warm showers. Stayed in his beautiful yellow ranch house on the hill and enjoyed a lovely meal with his daughter, 2 granddaughters and 4 great grandchildren! He baked fresh bread and made veggie chili. He went on a bike tour a couple years ago to all 48 states! Way awesome! So happy to be meeting all these beautiful people along the road! 🙂

Packed up my life again and rode to Nehalem Bay state park. So in love with the little town of Manzanita and remember sweet memories of coming here as a kid! They have an awesome health food store and happy nice people. Camped by the playground in the state park and walked out to the beach. So peaceful and relaxing. Woke up the next day and took a tour of CARTM Recycle Center in Manzanita.

CARTM is leading their community to zero waste. They operate a unique one-stop recycling center, resale store (The Refindery) and transfer station for solid waste (trash). They encourage the creative re-use of materials, divert materials from the waste stream and encourage people to re-think what is ‘waste’ each time an item is discarded. I had a great time touring the place and stoked to get back there to volunteer and learn more! 🙂

Leaving Manzanita I got the first flat tire of my trip! Biked the largest hill on the Oregon coast, the beautiful Oswald west state park and made it all the way to the Columbia river Oregon/Washington border in Astoria! It was suppose to rain so I got a shared room at the Norblad hostel, but nobody was there so I got the room all to myself. 🙂


After 48 days and 1,094 miles along the coast I began my journey inland to the city of roses.🌹🚲🌲✌☔ Following my heart and watching my dreams unfold…Life is magical. ❤

Rode to Clatskanie to meet up with another reason why I am stoked to be calling Oregon my new home…my mama!! 🙂 So happy to be with my mama ❤ Overflowing with love and gratitude!



In order to decolonize and rEVOLutionize our world we need visionary leadership and a strong activist culture.

Here are 3 visionary leaders that inspire me every day:

Mark Lakeman


Dr. Suess

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.



Be curious, not judgemental

So stoked to wake up in Oregon! As a birthday present and congrats for making it over the border my mama got me a hotel stay in Brookings and Gold beach! 🙂 So happy to take a nice bath and relax by the ocean. Its crazy going through food deserts like Brookings and Gold beach, where all they have is one chain gross-ery store with a bunch of packaged crap. We need local food revolutions everywhere!

I came up with this acronym inspired by zero waste, localism and Eat SLO. 


Seeking out







Without Waste


Check out the zero waste bike tour news feature on the link below!

Had a rainy ride from Gold Beach to Port Orford and met up with Erin from warm showers. I love the warm showers community and getting to know all the bike freaks along the west coast! 😉 We clicked right away and she took me out to the town favorite Tasty Kates. The community gathers here every tuesday for tunes, food and fun. Port Orford is full of good folks!Erin is preparing for a bike tour this summer and joined me for two days of riding to Bandon and Coos bay. We stopped at the food co-op before heading out, so thankful for places to buy in bulk and get healthy organic food along the way.

We watched the movie “Wild” back at her place and talked about the freedom of solo adventuring and how empowering it is to follow your heart especially as a female. The mutant paradigm (patriarchy) says “we don’t tell women to be curious, we tell them to be careful.” I have gotten the “be careful” line from tons of people along my way which puts out a worried vibe. Its normalized because of the culture of fear we were raised in. Growing up isolated we are taught to fear each other when in reality most people are good. I have run into countless angels along my journey and haven’t had any bad run ins with anybody! I’ve been on the road for over a month. When I stay present and tuned into the energy around me I naturally gravitate to what brings me bliss. The Earth is a magical place and I truly believe that whatever energy I put out I receive back. ❤ I like this quote from Walt Whitman that says “Be curious, not judgemental.”


Riding from Port Orford to Bandon was gnarly to say the least. Crazy wind with gusts up to 80 mph blowing us all about. Luckily in the winter time the wind travels from the south to the north so it was at our backs. But sometimes it would come at us from the side or push me so fast forward I had to break to maintain control. Up-side down, sideways, all around rain dumped on us sporadically through out the day. At one point life turned to slow motion when I saw my bike about to hit a curb… I flew off my bike and landed very gracefully (thanks to my faerie wings 😉 next to my bike…my bike did not land so gracefully…. It flipped over twice breaking my front fenders and one of my kitty litter bucket panniers! Ended up taking off my fenders, duct taping the hole in my bucket and bungee cording the bucket to my rack. Walking my bike across the last bridge before the campground my whole pack started sliding off… thankfully my skateboard (miss sally raindrops) held it all together! 🙂

Entering Bandon we saw some awesome sculptures created from beach trash from non-profit Washed Ashore. 

“The Washed Ashore Project is a non-profit, community-based organization with a mission of educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art. Washed Ashore is a project of The Artula Institute for Arts & Environmental Education, whose mission is to provide opportunities to express and teach environmental issues through the arts.”

I wished I could have interviewed someone but they are only open on weekends.

After riding in the storm all day we sought refuge in a yurt at Bullards beach state park. It was so nice to be dry and warm inside this yurt, eat some food and hang out.

Woke up to a beautiful day, rainy but not as windy Erin and I set off for Coos Bay. We rode along old logging roads and enjoyed a thai food meal before we parted ways. Stoked to link up with Erin in the future when she comes to Portland! Love meeting friends along the way!

Stayed in North Bend with another warm showers bicycle enthusiat Samantha and her dog sprinkles. 🙂 She takes poloroids of all her bike tourists and has them write in her guest book. It was fun to see the community of tourists that have stayed with her. We took a walk with sprinkles around the bay and talked a lot about zero waste and the environmental movement. Thank you Samantha for hosting me!!

Here is a poem for all the angels that have hosted and shared their big hearts with me.







Stoked on the sunshine, smiling at the sky

Left North Bend and headed for Honeyman state park. Enjoyed rainy ride through a misty Oregon day. But with wet feet and cold hands I was not excited about camping in the rain. There was a gnarly thunder & lightening storm that night and I kept thinking back to this movie I had watched called Meru. It was about three men who were climbing a mountain a-kin to Everest, they were cold, freezing, camping in a tent hanging off a 5,000 mountain face… and it made me feel like I wasn’t as cold or as crazy as them. 😉 haha Woke up as soon as I saw light and heard the first bird sing. Packed all my wet gear and rode to Florance. I was sipping on tea and charging my phone when I met Dave and his friend Bob. Super funny guys with a heart for adventure, they loved hearing my story and took me out to breakfast! So stoked after that rough night.


Still cold and wet from the night before I had another rainy day (it even hailed on me!) to Yachats and got a motel to dry everything and wait out this crazy storm. It felt amazing to sleep in a bed and take a hot shower. 🙂 I fell in love with the sweet town of Yachats! Such a cute little place with super happy fun vibes. 🙂 Sending love from Planet Earth! ❤

“Life is like a bicycle, to keep balance we must keep moving” Albert Einstein



Why try hard when you can try easy?

I started off my birthday week teaching a plarn crochet workshop at local Arcata non-profit Scrap Humboldt. A creative reuse store, donation center and a Creative Education Studio. 5 people showed up to the workshop and we had a fun time!

SCRAP diverts thousands of pounds from the landfill, empower local artists to use these scrap materials and in turn sell their art at the store.

Creative Reuse (also known as upcycling or repurposing), is when the addition of creativity to an already manufactured item brings a new function. A CD jewel case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug (as defined by The Reuse Alliance). This is different from other waste management choices such as recycling (often means putting discarded materials through a manufacturing process to make a new product) and Landfilling (burying it in the ground).



I LOVE places like this for the up-cycling movement but I get frustrated with some companies coming out with new products made from partially recycled materials just to make some money off the eco-movement and perpetuating the very consumerism that got us into this mess.

There is a big difference between re-purposing the things around you to keep them from going to landfill and a huge company selling “recycled” ocean plastic shoes to the masses. Greenwashing is a form of PR deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. Another example being “compostable” single-use plastic utensils……”compostable” plastic is rarely actually compostable and when it is it would have to be sent to a high heat composting facility of which there are only a few in the country. When we could just use a reuseable fork, spoon, knife and wash it when we are finished using it.

A good way to keep from getting sucked into that kind of fake eco advertising is to ask yourself this: “Are they trying to sell me something?” if the answer is yes, its most likely a new age eco-scam. “Are they trying to teach me a useful skill?” then go ahead an learn it! you are not being scammed but rather joining a movement of repairing, re-purposing, and up-cycling!  😉


My mom’s friend Steve is the dean for the natural science and forestry department at Humboldt state university and and got me a stay at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology or CCAT for a night. A live-in laboratory for sustainability since 1978! A student-funded, student-led and student-staffed home, providing information and hands on experience about appropriate technologies and methods for living lightly on the earth. They embrace unique pedagogy of experimental learning and community-based knowledge, and offers tours, workshops, and opportunities for hands-on involvement in their demonstration home. Rainwater catchment, tin can roofing, compost toilets! I had fun exploring this place and talking with the students that live and work there. 🙂



Woke up at ccat on my birthday and went for a peaceful walk in the Arcata community forest. 🙂 Took my shoes off and sat there for a while.. Kin-nected to the Earth and all the magic that surrounded me. So happy and blessed to be alive!

Got myself a birthday smoothie at a local health food store and they gave me a wooden receipt to take to the register and gave me a discount for bringing my own cup!

Met up with Humboldt chapter Surfrider chair and all around sweetheart, Delia Bense-Kang to talk about my bike tour on her radio show Coastal Currents. 🙂



Biked up to Mckinleyville and stayed with my mom’s friends (now mine too 😉 Tracy & Steve Smith and their two bloodhounds Buck and Buttercup. 🙂 Had a beautiful 3 night stay with them and on my birthday they got me a cake and I got to listen to their band “For Folk Sake!” So fun! Incredibly grateful for all the angels along my journey and warm vibrations. ❤ Thank you Steve & Tracy!!



Talked with Steve about how important the process of practicing is and playing and simply letting go.

I love the quote “why try hard, when you can try easy?”

My friend Skylove gifted me this medicine when I was in SLO and I have kept this mantra in my head ever since. 🙂

For me it encompasses the importance of practice, trying and playing with something everyday until you get actually do it! 🙂 The difference between trying hard and trying easy is all in the mind set. Trying hard is getting frustrated while doing something, or having a negative mind set… sometimes amounts to not completing something or “doing it” but being stressed the whole time.

Trying easy is releasing into the flow and trying with a positive outlook that you will get it after a little more practice. Trying easy is about playing, non-attatchment to the outcome, patience and persistence.

How sweet it is when you finally get something? a sk8 trick, a song, getting to a place, each pedal counts towards a greater goal. Practice also makes things smoother… if you practice the guitar and figure out a song in one day thats awesome but if you keep practicing you get better and better! On my bike tour I have been trying easy, practicing towards my Portland goal every day without attachment to what that looks like. 🙂

I really like the way Miss Lauryn Hill puts it. 🙂

Biked through Trinidad to Prarie creek redwoods state forest and camped out. Checked in with the camp host and he was very nice letting me camp on the site next to him and his wife instead of the hiker/biker spots that were further into the woods.

The next morning I met fellow bike tourist Wayne on the road. He likes to travel slower than me and enjoys walking his bike as much as possible, even down hill! He has been traveling for 6 months and came all the way from south Carolina!

Biked to Crescent city where I met Katie from St. Paul’s episcopal church. I kin-nected with her online on and she let me stay at the church for two nights to wait out the storm, gave me a key and welcomed me to her knitting/tea circle!!

A crazy storm of wind and rain woke me up the morning I was set to leave…got all my gear together and as I headed out of Crescent city the clouds parted and a bubble of sunshine carried me across the border!!!
Sending love and rainbows from the Oregon coast!! ❤ ❤ SB



Home is in community

I have a BIG smile across my face thinking of all of YOU!! Thank you so much for sending support and love my way!!! After putting oatmeal on my oak rash and waiting it out in a hotel room in Fort Bragg I finally started to feel better. 🙂

This time gave me a chance to reflect on the first part of my ride. Over two weeks of riding in the middle of El nino winter and I had a tan! It had only rained two days out of the 20 days on tour. The California drought and how we are treating our shared water resource is of the highest importance in a time of water privatization and excessive animal agriculture.

My soul sister, fellow bicycle tourist and water activist, Brittany App has just successfully funded her Kickstarter campaign to create a  feature length documentary film about the California water situation, Where There Once Was Water. While she has reached her base line goal for the campaign she could use some more abundance to dedicate more time to the project and in turn reach a larger audience. Click here to check out her project and please support/share it with all your friends! 🙂

Cleaned my laundry in fort bragg to make sure all my clothes and things were oak oil free! Felt good to get back on the road and started off my ride with a 5 mile bike path along the beach. 🙂 Then at the outskirts of town my back fender exploded and I came to a screeching halt.

The copper tubbing that I had used to secure my back fender popped off and wrapped around my back gear making it impossible to pedal. Frustrated and sad I slowly walked my bike up a hill thinking I would have to hitch a ride back to town because I didn’t have any pliers with me to get the tubing off my back gear….. and then I met Cal.

He was working in his yard and saw me struggling. Not only did he offer me a pair of pliers he gave them to me along with 3 extra bungee cords and a bag of fruit! Wow! Angels are seriously around every corner! I was back on the road within 10 minutes feeling happy and held by the universe.

I find the $1,000 littering fine a little funny, do they charge the uneducated people or do they charge the companies that sold a packaged product that does not break down in nature???

The whole ride up the coast was really spectacular and then I headed inland…into the woods. It was my biggest elevation climb of the entire trip (almost 2,000 feet) a relentless uphill through a windy forest road. The first trillium flowers were starting to bloom and the trees were growing taller. While breathtakingly beautiful, it felt a little freaky to be in the woods for so many hours by myself moving super slowly up hill…While biking alone I feel an extreme sense of freedom… I also feel on guard and lonely at times. All of my situations with people on the road have been positive and everyone has been super nice but when I’m alone so many crazy thoughts spring up in my mind and I have to keep reminding myself to compost the negative ones and only let positive thoughts prevail.

Communicating with the slow moving Earth energy when moving uphill has taught me a lot about patience and the potent medicine of living in the present moment. No hurries, no rush, just NOW. All energy moves in waves and the Earth is no different. Rising up and down, these hills have taught me to accept the struggle with a smile and flow into the down hill with gratitude and laughter. So many giggles on the road when I am flying down a hill watching the mile markers whizz by! 🙂


Using the online network (its like couchsurfing but for bike tourists) I found my new friend Pete in Redway. He is a caretaker for a property on top of this huge hill overlooking a redwood forest. Fruit trees, fresh veggies and good vibes! I was stoked to have a friend in person to talk with, share stories and walk around with after feeling so alone healing and biking solo. Completely off the grid he lives on the property with a horse named Pippin, a cat named Buddha and a dog named Happy. He spoke about feeling isolated being new to the area and living in the country a few miles from town…so our main conversation was about the importance of community and walkable cities.

Thinking of SLO town and my beautiful community of warm hearted friends… the ease of a small town being able to bike/walk/sk8 where ever I needed to go.

Community and friendships are the most important things for a happy and healthy life.  Living in community is empowering and provides love, kin-nection and inspiration. I have definitely felt a little lost with out my community physically around me especially while being sick.

Building community develops our roots so we feel supported and are able to rise up and follow our dreams. Sadly in America its “normal” not to know our neighbors even when we live in close proximity. Below is my favorite ted talk from revolutionary community builder, Mark Lakeman.


The next day was wonderful! Pete rode with me for part of my ride and we explored the Avenue of the Giants! A mostly flat easy ride through an enchanting redwood forest of wildflowers, ferns, sunshine and the biggest trees I’ve ever seen! 🙂



I love it when my bike tour maps take me off the main road and onto old empty farm roads lined with barns, cows and flowers. Rode to Manila to stay with the California Policy Manager for Surfrider National, Jennifer Savage and her family.

Located on the peninsula between Eureka and Arcata their place was just a short walk through the dunes to the ocean. Showed up soaking wet and they had soup, a hot fire and tea all ready for me! I had fun staying with them for a couple nights, playing banana grams and excited to hear about all the eco programs they have in Humboldt. Bobby and Jennifer’s daughter Chelsea took me to the beach and met me in Arcata to walk around the farmers market and main plaza. It was so nice staying with such a sweet family and being in a place with a strong eco culture.

Living life without getting into motorized vehicles this year has been really wonderful. Whenever I tell people about my experiment they are a little shocked at first but always supportive and it always works out for me to meet people by bike wherever we are going. The only thing it limits are night time trips since I prefer not to ride my bike at night but I think its a good thing because then I always get a good nights sleep! 😉

Click here is a wonderful article that I read today about car free cities and the better quality of life lived when everything is easily accessible by walking or bike. 

Sending you all love and rainy kisses from northern Cali ❤ ❤

xoxo SB