Home is in community

I have a BIG smile across my face thinking of all of YOU!! Thank you so much for sending support and love my way!!! After putting oatmeal on my oak rash and waiting it out in a hotel room in Fort Bragg I finally started to feel better. 🙂

This time gave me a chance to reflect on the first part of my ride. Over two weeks of riding in the middle of El nino winter and I had a tan! It had only rained two days out of the 20 days on tour. The California drought and how we are treating our shared water resource is of the highest importance in a time of water privatization and excessive animal agriculture.

My soul sister, fellow bicycle tourist and water activist, Brittany App has just successfully funded her Kickstarter campaign to create a  feature length documentary film about the California water situation, Where There Once Was Water. While she has reached her base line goal for the campaign she could use some more abundance to dedicate more time to the project and in turn reach a larger audience. Click here to check out her project and please support/share it with all your friends! 🙂

Cleaned my laundry in fort bragg to make sure all my clothes and things were oak oil free! Felt good to get back on the road and started off my ride with a 5 mile bike path along the beach. 🙂 Then at the outskirts of town my back fender exploded and I came to a screeching halt.

The copper tubbing that I had used to secure my back fender popped off and wrapped around my back gear making it impossible to pedal. Frustrated and sad I slowly walked my bike up a hill thinking I would have to hitch a ride back to town because I didn’t have any pliers with me to get the tubing off my back gear….. and then I met Cal.

He was working in his yard and saw me struggling. Not only did he offer me a pair of pliers he gave them to me along with 3 extra bungee cords and a bag of fruit! Wow! Angels are seriously around every corner! I was back on the road within 10 minutes feeling happy and held by the universe.

I find the $1,000 littering fine a little funny, do they charge the uneducated people or do they charge the companies that sold a packaged product that does not break down in nature???

The whole ride up the coast was really spectacular and then I headed inland…into the woods. It was my biggest elevation climb of the entire trip (almost 2,000 feet) a relentless uphill through a windy forest road. The first trillium flowers were starting to bloom and the trees were growing taller. While breathtakingly beautiful, it felt a little freaky to be in the woods for so many hours by myself moving super slowly up hill…While biking alone I feel an extreme sense of freedom… I also feel on guard and lonely at times. All of my situations with people on the road have been positive and everyone has been super nice but when I’m alone so many crazy thoughts spring up in my mind and I have to keep reminding myself to compost the negative ones and only let positive thoughts prevail.

Communicating with the slow moving Earth energy when moving uphill has taught me a lot about patience and the potent medicine of living in the present moment. No hurries, no rush, just NOW. All energy moves in waves and the Earth is no different. Rising up and down, these hills have taught me to accept the struggle with a smile and flow into the down hill with gratitude and laughter. So many giggles on the road when I am flying down a hill watching the mile markers whizz by! 🙂


Using the online network WarmShowers.org (its like couchsurfing but for bike tourists) I found my new friend Pete in Redway. He is a caretaker for a property on top of this huge hill overlooking a redwood forest. Fruit trees, fresh veggies and good vibes! I was stoked to have a friend in person to talk with, share stories and walk around with after feeling so alone healing and biking solo. Completely off the grid he lives on the property with a horse named Pippin, a cat named Buddha and a dog named Happy. He spoke about feeling isolated being new to the area and living in the country a few miles from town…so our main conversation was about the importance of community and walkable cities.

Thinking of SLO town and my beautiful community of warm hearted friends… the ease of a small town being able to bike/walk/sk8 where ever I needed to go.

Community and friendships are the most important things for a happy and healthy life.  Living in community is empowering and provides love, kin-nection and inspiration. I have definitely felt a little lost with out my community physically around me especially while being sick.

Building community develops our roots so we feel supported and are able to rise up and follow our dreams. Sadly in America its “normal” not to know our neighbors even when we live in close proximity. Below is my favorite ted talk from revolutionary community builder, Mark Lakeman.


The next day was wonderful! Pete rode with me for part of my ride and we explored the Avenue of the Giants! A mostly flat easy ride through an enchanting redwood forest of wildflowers, ferns, sunshine and the biggest trees I’ve ever seen! 🙂



I love it when my bike tour maps take me off the main road and onto old empty farm roads lined with barns, cows and flowers. Rode to Manila to stay with the California Policy Manager for Surfrider National, Jennifer Savage and her family.

Located on the peninsula between Eureka and Arcata their place was just a short walk through the dunes to the ocean. Showed up soaking wet and they had soup, a hot fire and tea all ready for me! I had fun staying with them for a couple nights, playing banana grams and excited to hear about all the eco programs they have in Humboldt. Bobby and Jennifer’s daughter Chelsea took me to the beach and met me in Arcata to walk around the farmers market and main plaza. It was so nice staying with such a sweet family and being in a place with a strong eco culture.

Living life without getting into motorized vehicles this year has been really wonderful. Whenever I tell people about my experiment they are a little shocked at first but always supportive and it always works out for me to meet people by bike wherever we are going. The only thing it limits are night time trips since I prefer not to ride my bike at night but I think its a good thing because then I always get a good nights sleep! 😉

Click here is a wonderful article that I read today about car free cities and the better quality of life lived when everything is easily accessible by walking or bike. 

Sending you all love and rainy kisses from northern Cali ❤ ❤

xoxo SB





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