Why try hard when you can try easy?

I started off my birthday week teaching a plarn crochet workshop at local Arcata non-profit Scrap Humboldt. A creative reuse store, donation center and a Creative Education Studio. 5 people showed up to the workshop and we had a fun time!

SCRAP diverts thousands of pounds from the landfill, empower local artists to use these scrap materials and in turn sell their art at the store.

Creative Reuse (also known as upcycling or repurposing), is when the addition of creativity to an already manufactured item brings a new function. A CD jewel case can become a bird feeder, wine corks turned into a cork board, a t-shirt transformed into a rug (as defined by The Reuse Alliance). This is different from other waste management choices such as recycling (often means putting discarded materials through a manufacturing process to make a new product) and Landfilling (burying it in the ground).



I LOVE places like this for the up-cycling movement but I get frustrated with some companies coming out with new products made from partially recycled materials just to make some money off the eco-movement and perpetuating the very consumerism that got us into this mess.

There is a big difference between re-purposing the things around you to keep them from going to landfill and a huge company selling “recycled” ocean plastic shoes to the masses. Greenwashing is a form of PR deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. Another example being “compostable” single-use plastic utensils……”compostable” plastic is rarely actually compostable and when it is it would have to be sent to a high heat composting facility of which there are only a few in the country. When we could just use a reuseable fork, spoon, knife and wash it when we are finished using it.

A good way to keep from getting sucked into that kind of fake eco advertising is to ask yourself this: “Are they trying to sell me something?” if the answer is yes, its most likely a new age eco-scam. “Are they trying to teach me a useful skill?” then go ahead an learn it! you are not being scammed but rather joining a movement of repairing, re-purposing, and up-cycling!  😉


My mom’s friend Steve is the dean for the natural science and forestry department at Humboldt state university and and got me a stay at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology or CCAT for a night. A live-in laboratory for sustainability since 1978! A student-funded, student-led and student-staffed home, providing information and hands on experience about appropriate technologies and methods for living lightly on the earth. They embrace unique pedagogy of experimental learning and community-based knowledge, and offers tours, workshops, and opportunities for hands-on involvement in their demonstration home. Rainwater catchment, tin can roofing, compost toilets! I had fun exploring this place and talking with the students that live and work there. 🙂



Woke up at ccat on my birthday and went for a peaceful walk in the Arcata community forest. 🙂 Took my shoes off and sat there for a while.. Kin-nected to the Earth and all the magic that surrounded me. So happy and blessed to be alive!

Got myself a birthday smoothie at a local health food store and they gave me a wooden receipt to take to the register and gave me a discount for bringing my own cup!

Met up with Humboldt chapter Surfrider chair and all around sweetheart, Delia Bense-Kang to talk about my bike tour on her radio show Coastal Currents. 🙂



Biked up to Mckinleyville and stayed with my mom’s friends (now mine too 😉 Tracy & Steve Smith and their two bloodhounds Buck and Buttercup. 🙂 Had a beautiful 3 night stay with them and on my birthday they got me a cake and I got to listen to their band “For Folk Sake!” So fun! Incredibly grateful for all the angels along my journey and warm vibrations. ❤ Thank you Steve & Tracy!!



Talked with Steve about how important the process of practicing is and playing and simply letting go.

I love the quote “why try hard, when you can try easy?”

My friend Skylove gifted me this medicine when I was in SLO and I have kept this mantra in my head ever since. 🙂

For me it encompasses the importance of practice, trying and playing with something everyday until you get actually do it! 🙂 The difference between trying hard and trying easy is all in the mind set. Trying hard is getting frustrated while doing something, or having a negative mind set… sometimes amounts to not completing something or “doing it” but being stressed the whole time.

Trying easy is releasing into the flow and trying with a positive outlook that you will get it after a little more practice. Trying easy is about playing, non-attatchment to the outcome, patience and persistence.

How sweet it is when you finally get something? a sk8 trick, a song, getting to a place, each pedal counts towards a greater goal. Practice also makes things smoother… if you practice the guitar and figure out a song in one day thats awesome but if you keep practicing you get better and better! On my bike tour I have been trying easy, practicing towards my Portland goal every day without attachment to what that looks like. 🙂

I really like the way Miss Lauryn Hill puts it. 🙂

Biked through Trinidad to Prarie creek redwoods state forest and camped out. Checked in with the camp host and he was very nice letting me camp on the site next to him and his wife instead of the hiker/biker spots that were further into the woods.

The next morning I met fellow bike tourist Wayne on the road. He likes to travel slower than me and enjoys walking his bike as much as possible, even down hill! He has been traveling for 6 months and came all the way from south Carolina!

Biked to Crescent city where I met Katie from St. Paul’s episcopal church. I kin-nected with her online on warmshowers.org and she let me stay at the church for two nights to wait out the storm, gave me a key and welcomed me to her knitting/tea circle!!

A crazy storm of wind and rain woke me up the morning I was set to leave…got all my gear together and as I headed out of Crescent city the clouds parted and a bubble of sunshine carried me across the border!!!
Sending love and rainbows from the Oregon coast!! ❤ ❤ SB



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