Be curious, not judgemental

So stoked to wake up in Oregon! As a birthday present and congrats for making it over the border my mama got me a hotel stay in Brookings and Gold beach! 🙂 So happy to take a nice bath and relax by the ocean. Its crazy going through food deserts like Brookings and Gold beach, where all they have is one chain gross-ery store with a bunch of packaged crap. We need local food revolutions everywhere!

I came up with this acronym inspired by zero waste, localism and Eat SLO. 


Seeking out







Without Waste


Check out the zero waste bike tour news feature on the link below!

Had a rainy ride from Gold Beach to Port Orford and met up with Erin from warm showers. I love the warm showers community and getting to know all the bike freaks along the west coast! 😉 We clicked right away and she took me out to the town favorite Tasty Kates. The community gathers here every tuesday for tunes, food and fun. Port Orford is full of good folks!Erin is preparing for a bike tour this summer and joined me for two days of riding to Bandon and Coos bay. We stopped at the food co-op before heading out, so thankful for places to buy in bulk and get healthy organic food along the way.

We watched the movie “Wild” back at her place and talked about the freedom of solo adventuring and how empowering it is to follow your heart especially as a female. The mutant paradigm (patriarchy) says “we don’t tell women to be curious, we tell them to be careful.” I have gotten the “be careful” line from tons of people along my way which puts out a worried vibe. Its normalized because of the culture of fear we were raised in. Growing up isolated we are taught to fear each other when in reality most people are good. I have run into countless angels along my journey and haven’t had any bad run ins with anybody! I’ve been on the road for over a month. When I stay present and tuned into the energy around me I naturally gravitate to what brings me bliss. The Earth is a magical place and I truly believe that whatever energy I put out I receive back. ❤ I like this quote from Walt Whitman that says “Be curious, not judgemental.”


Riding from Port Orford to Bandon was gnarly to say the least. Crazy wind with gusts up to 80 mph blowing us all about. Luckily in the winter time the wind travels from the south to the north so it was at our backs. But sometimes it would come at us from the side or push me so fast forward I had to break to maintain control. Up-side down, sideways, all around rain dumped on us sporadically through out the day. At one point life turned to slow motion when I saw my bike about to hit a curb… I flew off my bike and landed very gracefully (thanks to my faerie wings 😉 next to my bike…my bike did not land so gracefully…. It flipped over twice breaking my front fenders and one of my kitty litter bucket panniers! Ended up taking off my fenders, duct taping the hole in my bucket and bungee cording the bucket to my rack. Walking my bike across the last bridge before the campground my whole pack started sliding off… thankfully my skateboard (miss sally raindrops) held it all together! 🙂

Entering Bandon we saw some awesome sculptures created from beach trash from non-profit Washed Ashore. 

“The Washed Ashore Project is a non-profit, community-based organization with a mission of educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art. Washed Ashore is a project of The Artula Institute for Arts & Environmental Education, whose mission is to provide opportunities to express and teach environmental issues through the arts.”

I wished I could have interviewed someone but they are only open on weekends.

After riding in the storm all day we sought refuge in a yurt at Bullards beach state park. It was so nice to be dry and warm inside this yurt, eat some food and hang out.

Woke up to a beautiful day, rainy but not as windy Erin and I set off for Coos Bay. We rode along old logging roads and enjoyed a thai food meal before we parted ways. Stoked to link up with Erin in the future when she comes to Portland! Love meeting friends along the way!

Stayed in North Bend with another warm showers bicycle enthusiat Samantha and her dog sprinkles. 🙂 She takes poloroids of all her bike tourists and has them write in her guest book. It was fun to see the community of tourists that have stayed with her. We took a walk with sprinkles around the bay and talked a lot about zero waste and the environmental movement. Thank you Samantha for hosting me!!

Here is a poem for all the angels that have hosted and shared their big hearts with me.







Stoked on the sunshine, smiling at the sky

Left North Bend and headed for Honeyman state park. Enjoyed rainy ride through a misty Oregon day. But with wet feet and cold hands I was not excited about camping in the rain. There was a gnarly thunder & lightening storm that night and I kept thinking back to this movie I had watched called Meru. It was about three men who were climbing a mountain a-kin to Everest, they were cold, freezing, camping in a tent hanging off a 5,000 mountain face… and it made me feel like I wasn’t as cold or as crazy as them. 😉 haha Woke up as soon as I saw light and heard the first bird sing. Packed all my wet gear and rode to Florance. I was sipping on tea and charging my phone when I met Dave and his friend Bob. Super funny guys with a heart for adventure, they loved hearing my story and took me out to breakfast! So stoked after that rough night.


Still cold and wet from the night before I had another rainy day (it even hailed on me!) to Yachats and got a motel to dry everything and wait out this crazy storm. It felt amazing to sleep in a bed and take a hot shower. 🙂 I fell in love with the sweet town of Yachats! Such a cute little place with super happy fun vibes. 🙂 Sending love from Planet Earth! ❤

“Life is like a bicycle, to keep balance we must keep moving” Albert Einstein



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