City of Roses


I made it to 🌹Portland🌹 after biking 1,192 miles over the last 50 days!

The main three things I learned on my journey are:

The Earth is full of angels✨🌎👼✨

Zero waste is about community, supporting local people to bypass packaging and make new friends👫💕

The rEVOLution is about having FUN together putting the planet and people first! 🌈✌💗

I took the Tilikum crossing to get across the river. Portland’s new bridge that only allows public transit, bikes and pedestrians! So beautiful. 🙂 Met up with some friends to celebrate and then got cozy in my new faerie home and hung out with my new roommates. 💗

Thank you all for the support, encouragement and love!!!

I am grateful for all of you being part of my life journey.💗

Happy happy happy to call Portland my new home. Walking around town and getting grounded.

✨Glowing with Gratitude✨

Sarah B


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