Earth Day is Every Day

Happy Earth Day!!

Volunteered with City Repair’s community T-horse for Lloyd center’s eco fair and PSU’s Earth week festival!


The T-Horse is a mobile Tea House, serving as a place to gather and build community. It is an ephemeral or temporary structure to support the placemaking movement, an approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well being. People have been gathering around tea for years and we wanted to make community plazas more accessible so City Repair created a mobile plaza in the form of a Tea House. For this mobile placemaking unit, the T-Horse, we use a vehicle that serves the tea from a structure in the back cab designed to be a small tea house, then create the space around the vehicle for people to gather on pillows and cushions under large magical wings. It is quite a sight to see! People get to participate in creating it, like a barn raising, by attaching the large wings on the side of the vehicle made from bamboo and sails that offer protection from the rain and sun. Under these wings we lay out carpets with soft pillows and cushions for people to sit and relax on. We offer a few different blends of homemade herbal tea to share as people congregate at this beautiful mobile tea house, as people have gathered around tea for centuries.

I set up a crafting station on one of the sides of the T-horse and taught people how to weave out of up-cycled plastic bags. There was also a group of people sharing inspiring stories of a positive future. These stories were all entries into a story telling contest in hopes of getting more people to think and dream of a beautiful future rather than the apocalyptic tales that hollywood and the media are constantly putting out.

Looking forward to a positive future with less stuff and more FUN! ❤




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