Water is Life


The straight lines of the patriarchy overlap the curves of goddess sky. Both contain real power. Both can make us cry. Tears of joy or sorrow. One is a gift and the other we buy. 🌾#powerlies


Two of our country’s biggest issues, racism and climate change, have collided on a North Dakota reservation.

Gathering at Sacred Stone Camp at the Standing Rock reservation to protect the sacred waters of the Missouri River. Its crazy to me that we are still building oil infrastructure in this country. Can we divest already?! and protect our shared resource and right for clean water everwhere!!  Check this link to find out more and get involved! Water is LIFE!

#nodapl #mniwiconi

This is one of my favorite films from a few years ago. The globalized colonial capitalist system has been and still is destroying communities and sacred water all of the world… How do we band together and take down this system once and for all?!?!?!?!?!?!

A quote from the movie:

“They sell our rivers against our will.
They sell our wells, our lakes…
and even the rain
that falls on our heads!
By law!
Friends, it’s incredible!
They don’t allow us to collect
the water that falls from the rain,
by law!
And who takes even the rain?
A company whose owners
are in London and California.
Friends, what are they
going to steal next?
The vapor from our breath?
The sweat from our brow?
All they’ll get from me is piss!”

Getting creative with crocheting spider webs, lace patches, flowers and herbs! So happy to live in Portland and close with my mama again. Life is faerie magical ❤

Volunteering at Re-claim it! the place that gleans from the waste transfer station, fixes things up and then sells them at a shop in North Portland. Also volunteering with City repair working on the new headquarters! Looking forward to moving in there by the spring time.

Below is my latest poem..thinking about the patriarchy…


I would not like to see you fall.

I would not like that, not at all.

I would like to feel you root.

Down through the pavement, now that would be cute.

Like a child in mamas womb.

Embraced and held in a cozy room.

Warm and watery, dark and deep.

A place where we grown and steep.

Into ourselves and spirit within.

Balanced and true we feel our kin-.

nection with all energy and life.

Gracefully transforming inside your wife.,

son, father, sister and brother.

With presence and intention we honor our mother.

For holding us with such care and sweetness.

Sharing her gifts and showing us deepness.

Flowing in gratitude we receive with reciprocity.

Living on this land with gentle curiosity.

Breathing into our bodies that mama made whole.

With strength and flexibility following our goal.

Of living true to ourselves and opening new ways.

Of knowing and remembering everything is a phase.

Like a wave cresting and covering in sweet embrace.

Earthly communication slowly lifting her veiled lace.

Composting energy and releasing into the unknown.

Celebrating and thanking all that is shown.



Sarah B

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