Know your Roots to Grow your Future

I started taking an urban permaculture design course learning about blending the whole system design methods of permaculture with the urban reclamation techniques of block repair, we explore opportunities to reclaim the commons, activate underutilized spaces, integrate water management and energy systems, take down fences, create vibrant perennial food systems, localize our economic relations and work well together in groups.

I hope this course prepares me to be a better activist to stand up and change the crazy system we all live in. Like slavery… which was never really abolished…it was amended and is happening right NOW with the facade of the “criminal” “justice” system.

This movie should be a requirement for every human especially Americans. Streaming on netflix. Please watch.
We need to do more than share this information on facebook, twitter and instagram… How can we step up and take down this patriarchal corporate white supremacist colonial system?!?!??




Remembering my witchy roots and that I am indigenous to this Earth. My white skin and blonde hair are telling of my European roots and my pagan ancestry. This is my favorite historical documentary about my people the “Women and Spirituality” series linked below. We were one of the first peoples to be colonized by the Roman church and because of this so many people have forgotten our own spiritual roots to this planet.




xo Sarah B


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