Slow is Fast

Dear lovely people who follow my blog,

Thank you so much for your continued support and faerie well wishes! Some of my posts are not the most timely and I am thankful that y’all understand. Writing is cathartic medicine for me and going back in time to write about what has been and is going on in the world makes me feel like I am progressing and learning. I love reflecting on my meaningful (kin)nections, faerie thoughts, inspiring events in my life and our ephemeral condition as humans on Earth.

February began with the Woman’s March the day after the inauguration of the orange clown. I was filled with amazement seeing so many people recognizing their own power, their creativity shining through shines and artworks standing together in solidarity for the revolution. It was powerful to see so many people coalesce in the streets all over the world! in solidarity of wombyn’s health, the overall health of people and planet and the resistance against the system.


The system with a capitalist backbone and violent roots reminds me to follow those roots to how this all began. The foundation of capitalism is private property and the history of all the bullshit stems back to old Europe with the witch burnings.

It was wonderful to get together with my community after all this and talk about how we can be stronger and more resilient and more (kin)nnected as neighbors and beyond. There are so many solutions and so much work to do in many different ways. When we follow our hearts, explore our talents and develop our skills we are more effective citizens of change.

Coming together in community and building relationships is powerful akin to also knowing when to end relationships when they cause suffering. Such as our dependent relationship with fossil fuels. I am interested in learning ways to create better bicycle infrastructure and policies as part of the solution. I am passionate about creating art that stretches our imagination on how our reality can be.

After over a year of not accepting rides in motorized vehicles and transporting myself by bike, sk8 and feets…. I finally got into a bus and into a truck this month. My first experience returning to motorized vehicles was a long bus ride. There was a snow storm the week before and the sun hadn’t returned yet which made traveling across town tricky. We were slowed down by accidents, people getting stuck and sliding out on the ice. I kept thinking about how much faster I would have been on my bicycle getting through the city and how much I missed my bike. Being on a bus involves waiting…while my bike is always moving.

Je-nay-nay took me on my next ride a couple weeks later in the truck and I noticed how hot and stuffy it felt on those major roads and how stressful stop and go city driving is.

Although both times were too familiar to be jarring, they made me more aware of how my body, my heart rate and how my head felt in that flying yet still space. To me motorized vehicles are semi-stressful magical teleportation machines. Watching the world race by like a movie screen. The bus involves waiting. But I figured out that if I bring my sk8 on the bus with me I can sk8 to the next stop instead of wait. fun sk8 sessions and I get places pretty quick.

In other news, City Repair is getting a new house to call home! Everyone is working hard on getting this place all fixed up to move in and it’s so exciting!! ❤


Check out old growth mischief maker, Mark Lakeman in this Ted Talk about colonial (her)story, the revolution and The City Repair Project.

While car trips in the city don’t quite make sense to me, I do love cars for getting out of the city to beautiful places. Took at ride to the coast with my friend and it felt magical to travel  such a long distance in such a short amount of time.

Adventure by sk8, feet and bike are forever my favorite though! Slowing down and seeing the sweet details of the world and picking flowers. 🙂 Slow is Fast. Traveling slow gifts presence, fun and engages our muscles for a wholesome body experience.

As I begin accepting car rides I think about the energy that goes into travel, our homes, cooking, etc. How we use different things more heavily in different seasons. This winter we have been gathering wood from the storms in preparation for next winter to keep us warm. Wood heats us three times, first gathering, second splitting and third fire.


I am so grateful for my incredible housemates and this place I get to call home. My badass housemate Frances had her baby this month. Her name is Esther Plum!! So sweet living with a human fresh from the spirit realm and seeing new life brought into this world. As the flowers begin to rise and the snow has melted….new ideas are on the horizon and its our job to listen.

xoxo SB


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