Cali Train Trip

Feels likes SPRING!!! ❤ ❤

I don’t know why some people call others “a pansy” as a sign of weakness…I planted some pansies last fall and after all the snow and cold…. in the SPING they popped right back up!! Resilient witches!! ❤

I purchased my first watercolor set and started painting a lot in my journal and making cards for my friends. Making art is so fun and makes me feel ALIVE and FREE! I  am forever grateful for my happy hands and all the things we are able to create as humans.

I took the train down to California with my girl Moss. The train is a wonderful form of transportation. I find it to be less stressful than driving in a car..  a little more expensive but a relaxing and fun way to see the landscape roll by. We took the train to Mount Shasta to visit Moss’ family and then headed down to SLOtown for the SLO Village Building Convergence put on by the SLO City Repair chapter. So many fun projects around the town including painting little free libraries built from old bee boxes.

Stoked being back on the central coast and visiting with so many loved ones. Drove back to Portland town with my lovely friends including the cutest angel of all miss Esther Plum!

Sending so much love to you all! Happy blossoms and faerie sparkles!