~Art. Activism. Adventure.~

My mission is to weave cultural stories of transformation through discarded materials and fiber art. By revaluing trash and following my passions I hope to inspire people to live their dreams and actively protect our shared resource and right for clean water.

~Zero Waste. Infinite Fun~


Creative minds are on the RISE

and we do not believe your LIES

because we learned to question WHY?

Why do we waste our small pay

to buy shit we are gonna throw away?

Why are we being instilled with fear

then told to forget about it and drink a beer?

Why are we told to consume bottled water?

Why do we see protesters on the police blotter?

It’s time to hear our people’s cries

and lift the veil from our eyes.

We are done being tired, hungry and poor.

We are done playing the old game of more.

We are ready for a new tomorrow

of meeting our neighbors and remembering how to share and borrow.

Supporting each other to follow our passions

Valuing quality and ethical fashions.

Creating together and transforming the Earth.

Making sure every single person feels their self worth.

By surrounding people with LOVE and LIGHT

We are sure to have a world that’s HAPPY and BRIGHT.


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