~Art. Activism. Adventure.~

My mission is to illuminate cultural stories of place and time through illustration, writing, discarded materials and fiber art.

I am currently working on a zine about my neighborhood. The seasonal changes, the stories, the people and the magical places.


Why don’t we travel this land as the crow flies? Why are we forced to navigate these straight rigid lines? How do we stand our ground? In a culture where private property is found. Where do all the stories go? When the system pushes out those who know; the land, the streets the neighborhood creek; the elusive feeling of what many seek. A feeling of belonging and home. A touchstone for our heart when we roam. A place as familiar as a crow. A place where we learn and grow. A place of nurturing and deep relation. A place of vulnerability and warm elation. Do we find home in particular places? Do we find home in familiar faces? They say one crow is for grief and sorrow. So I stand with you all on the land that we borrow; from the generations of tomorrow. Committed to sharing my story and listening to yours. Expressing my sadness for these capitalist wars.


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