Summer time is here and so is The 20th annual Village Building Convergence in Portland! We painted the streets, we got dirty planting food, built benches and tree houses, engaging in discussions around food justice and housing justice and so much more! This year Pedalpolooza teamed up with the VBC and we were able to (kin)nect different place making sites together through group bike rides. Here are some pictures of my neighborhood street painting in Sellwood!


Kirk, Janna and I organized an art show at the Emerson Street House with the theme of Home. Housing is a human right but in a capitalist society in which houses are commodities; what is the meaning of home? What helps one feel a sense of belonging to a place?

We hosted a group show with work looking at home and belonging within the context of displacement and gentrification. Seeking out tools and activities that we can utilize to strengthen our bonds to our neighbors and the places we live in. Thank you to all the artists that made the show so incredibly special and all the people who came to experience our opening night!



For my piece for the show I “crow-cheted” a crow sculpture made out of all up-cycled materials; including, plastic bags, bike tubing, popsicle sticks, and twisty tie wire. Here is the poem I wrote to go along with my crow.

Why don’t we travel this land as the crow flies? Why are we forced to navigate these straight rigid lines? How do we stand our ground? In a culture where private property is found. Where do all the stories go?

When the system pushes out those who know; the land, the streets the neighborhood creek; the elusive feeling of what many seek. A feeling of belonging and home. A touchstone for our heart when we roam. A place as familiar as a crow. A place where we learn and grow. A place of nurturing and deep relation. A place of vulnerability and warm elation.

Do we find home in particular places? Do we find home in familiar faces? They say one crow is for grief and sorrow. So I stand with you all on the land that we borrow; from the generations of tomorrow. Committed to sharing my story and listening to yours. Expressing my sadness for these capitalist wars. 

#countingcrows #trashart#makeartresist #artfortherevolution #grief






Stacking FUNctions and Kale’n it!

I am now a certified Permaculture Designer!! I completed the 8 month Urban Permaculture Design Course put on by The Planet Repair Institute and Jean’s Farm. It is a program that specializes in urban permaculture design as well as highlighting social permaculture as an important layer in transforming our world into a more fruitful place for all. Super grateful for my amazing instructors Mark LakemanMatt BibeauRidhi D’Cruz and Julian Dominic and for their acknowledgment and tribute throughout of the course of indigenous peoples as the creators of this type of food production and design.



At the beginning of every weekend we met we shared different natural phenomenons that were going on during that season; like trees blossoming or fruit ripening. I was gifted with the awesome task of making a phenological  calendar of all the months we met and drawing a coloring book based on what people said each month! It was the first time anyone has commissioned me for my illustrations and I hope to do more. 🙂

A new Patagonia store opened up downtown Portland town and my friend Cyrus Sutton had a screening of his new movie, Island Earth. An important movie about seeds, monsanto and understanding the deeper issues of what is going on in Hawaii around GMO farming and testing. He was super sweet and let me speak at the end to promote the upcoming Village Building Convergence! 



Baby Chick season at work! Stoked to work at Naomi’s Farm Supply and be surrounded by awesome people, cute animals and beautiful plants!


The seeds are sprouting and growing in the green house, I’ve been skating a bit and crocheted this mandala for my archway into my faerie house.


City Repair has a new home! A beautiful house on Division street supporting local businesses and the City Repair team to help shake up, decolonize and build community in Portland and beyond!


In Portland…Following my dreams and……..Kale’n it!!!!




What does the Earth need?

Happy April!

For EARTH DAY City Repair set up the T-Horse in the park blocks at PSU serving free tea for the community, offering workshops and a space for community to gather. I offered an art project painting canvas flags with the prompt of  “What does the EARTH need?”

What would you write? What do you want to see in the world??

Personally I want to see people following their dreams and communities coming together to support one another in making those dreams happen!

Thanks to Scrap PDX for donating art supplies and helping to make this possible!


Click here to learn more about the history of the T-horse and check out the video below to learn more about the soon to be newest member of the City Repair T-fleet the T-Crab!

<p><a href=”″>City Repair’s Tea Crab — Crowd-funded Bike Pedaled Community Space!</a> from <a href=”″>Colin Platt</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This spring I started working with Three Sisters Nixtamal, an organic tortilla company making traditionally made masa and corn tortillas. They source all of their corn from small organic farms in Oregon and Mexico. It’s so wonderful working with wonderful people like Pedro, Audri and Wendy and being at the PSU farmers market (kin)necting with farmers and local business people! When we support farms growing organic corn we are pretty much giving monsanto the middle finger and telling the world that we believe in an organic future!! 🙂

<p><a href=”″>SEED: The Untold Story (Official Theatrical Trailer) (UK/AUS/NZ)</a> from <a href=””>Collective Eye Films</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Seeds are the forefront of a revolution that values food sovereignty and healthy soil. I feel so happy to live in a community where we can plant seeds and get dirty in the garden. I love watching seeds grow into strong plants and watching Esther Plum the youngest angel of the homestead grow into a strong and healthy baby.

I have been working more with herb faeries and getting to know all the magic they offer us. Flowers are medicine for our souls and bodies.

The sun is coming out and I am putting my creative energy towards drawing, gardening and (kin)necting with my neighbors and housemates. In collaboration with my neighbors we drew out the new design for the intersection painting for this years Village Building Convergence! So stoked to live in a neighborhood where we value our relations and show up to work on projects together.

Happy days to you all! May you blow with the wind and also remember that “You are the Universe taking charge!”


Artist in Residency in Mexico!

Hi friends!! ❤

I am stoked to announce that I was accepted into an artist in residency in southern Mexico for summer 2017! It’s an instructional residency that includes 3 weeks of master instruction in Mexican textile techniques including how to use a traditional back-strap loom!

Special thank you to all the folks that helped me fundraise for this opportunity!! ❤ ❤


Check out this link to find out more about this residency: Mexican Textiles Instructional Artist Residency: Weaving

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.24.01 AM

Mexican textiles are the expression of Mexico’s diversity and complex sociocultural systems; through their narratives, iconographies, and techniques, they reflect a multiplicity of artistic traditions and identities. Clothing in Mexico signals wealth and power, they incorporate elements of class and gender differentiation in the process of performing and negotiating identities. Therefore the intricate language of textiles reflects a history of contention and resistance as a result of the amalgamation and negotiation of Mesoamerican and European civilizations.

Textiles are also sources of information for the cultural patrimony of each community. Both weaving and embroidery are techniques used to develop complex narratives, and are important ideologically in structuring roles and identity patterns. In Oaxaca, the diversity of textiles is as rich as the natural environment. Each weave and embroidery has had a destiny, and with the complex process of assimilation and negotiation, some have disappeared or have suffered gradual or radical transformation; other have become more sophisticated in their narratives, techniques and/or coloring.

Warm with gratitude,


Cali Train Trip

Feels likes SPRING!!! ❤ ❤

I don’t know why some people call others “a pansy” as a sign of weakness…I planted some pansies last fall and after all the snow and cold…. in the SPING they popped right back up!! Resilient witches!! ❤

I purchased my first watercolor set and started painting a lot in my journal and making cards for my friends. Making art is so fun and makes me feel ALIVE and FREE! I  am forever grateful for my happy hands and all the things we are able to create as humans.

I took the train down to California with my girl Moss. The train is a wonderful form of transportation. I find it to be less stressful than driving in a car..  a little more expensive but a relaxing and fun way to see the landscape roll by. We took the train to Mount Shasta to visit Moss’ family and then headed down to SLOtown for the SLO Village Building Convergence put on by the SLO City Repair chapter. So many fun projects around the town including painting little free libraries built from old bee boxes.

Stoked being back on the central coast and visiting with so many loved ones. Drove back to Portland town with my lovely friends including the cutest angel of all miss Esther Plum!

Sending so much love to you all! Happy blossoms and faerie sparkles!




Slow is Fast

Dear lovely people who follow my blog,

Thank you so much for your continued support and faerie well wishes! Some of my posts are not the most timely and I am thankful that y’all understand. Writing is cathartic medicine for me and going back in time to write about what has been and is going on in the world makes me feel like I am progressing and learning. I love reflecting on my meaningful (kin)nections, faerie thoughts, inspiring events in my life and our ephemeral condition as humans on Earth.

February began with the Woman’s March the day after the inauguration of the orange clown. I was filled with amazement seeing so many people recognizing their own power, their creativity shining through shines and artworks standing together in solidarity for the revolution. It was powerful to see so many people coalesce in the streets all over the world! in solidarity of wombyn’s health, the overall health of people and planet and the resistance against the system.


The system with a capitalist backbone and violent roots reminds me to follow those roots to how this all began. The foundation of capitalism is private property and the history of all the bullshit stems back to old Europe with the witch burnings.

It was wonderful to get together with my community after all this and talk about how we can be stronger and more resilient and more (kin)nnected as neighbors and beyond. There are so many solutions and so much work to do in many different ways. When we follow our hearts, explore our talents and develop our skills we are more effective citizens of change.

Coming together in community and building relationships is powerful akin to also knowing when to end relationships when they cause suffering. Such as our dependent relationship with fossil fuels. I am interested in learning ways to create better bicycle infrastructure and policies as part of the solution. I am passionate about creating art that stretches our imagination on how our reality can be.

After over a year of not accepting rides in motorized vehicles and transporting myself by bike, sk8 and feets…. I finally got into a bus and into a truck this month. My first experience returning to motorized vehicles was a long bus ride. There was a snow storm the week before and the sun hadn’t returned yet which made traveling across town tricky. We were slowed down by accidents, people getting stuck and sliding out on the ice. I kept thinking about how much faster I would have been on my bicycle getting through the city and how much I missed my bike. Being on a bus involves waiting…while my bike is always moving.

Je-nay-nay took me on my next ride a couple weeks later in the truck and I noticed how hot and stuffy it felt on those major roads and how stressful stop and go city driving is.

Although both times were too familiar to be jarring, they made me more aware of how my body, my heart rate and how my head felt in that flying yet still space. To me motorized vehicles are semi-stressful magical teleportation machines. Watching the world race by like a movie screen. The bus involves waiting. But I figured out that if I bring my sk8 on the bus with me I can sk8 to the next stop instead of wait. fun sk8 sessions and I get places pretty quick.

In other news, City Repair is getting a new house to call home! Everyone is working hard on getting this place all fixed up to move in and it’s so exciting!! ❤


Check out old growth mischief maker, Mark Lakeman in this Ted Talk about colonial (her)story, the revolution and The City Repair Project.

While car trips in the city don’t quite make sense to me, I do love cars for getting out of the city to beautiful places. Took at ride to the coast with my friend and it felt magical to travel  such a long distance in such a short amount of time.

Adventure by sk8, feet and bike are forever my favorite though! Slowing down and seeing the sweet details of the world and picking flowers. 🙂 Slow is Fast. Traveling slow gifts presence, fun and engages our muscles for a wholesome body experience.

As I begin accepting car rides I think about the energy that goes into travel, our homes, cooking, etc. How we use different things more heavily in different seasons. This winter we have been gathering wood from the storms in preparation for next winter to keep us warm. Wood heats us three times, first gathering, second splitting and third fire.


I am so grateful for my incredible housemates and this place I get to call home. My badass housemate Frances had her baby this month. Her name is Esther Plum!! So sweet living with a human fresh from the spirit realm and seeing new life brought into this world. As the flowers begin to rise and the snow has melted….new ideas are on the horizon and its our job to listen.

xoxo SB


A year without a car

I am still working on a full article for my year celebrating human powered transportation but for now here is a little bit on how my year went without getting into motorized vehicles.


Every morning I hop on my magical broomstick and fly to wherever I wish to go. I never get stuck places without a ride home. I never have to sit in traffic or feel indifferent to the places I travel through. Best of all I get to ride along this lovely bike path by the river, watching the birds dance, the flowers bloom and the light change the water different colors. Celebrating human powered transportation has taught me patience, planning and presence.

Passing the seasons along my favorite bike path, the Springwater corridor.


Everything in life slowed down. Everything I did with more intention. If I was going to bike 8 miles I would stack functions and wait until I had multiple purposes to go there before I went. Every view I worked for. My own energy brought me to the tops of hills and gifted me spectacular views.


During my year I traveled through 3 states, California, Oregon and Washington. But most of my year was spent within an 8 mile radius of my home in Portland, OR. It made me grateful for all the natural spaces within those 8 miles in the city so I didn’t completely lose my mind in concrete and trash.

I biked in all kinds of weather, rain, snow, wind, hail, sunshine, cool breezes, moonlight….I tended to stay home more, reading, crafting, writing and spending time with my roommates and neighbors. It was a really wonderful way to ground into this community after moving here in late March.


Stay tuned for my full article and check out this link to find out more about my reasoning for celebrate human powered transportation for 2016! 


Sarah B