Celebrating Human Powered Transport

For 2016 I am celebrating human powered transportation. 🙂

I am pledging to walk, sk8, bike, skip, jump, dance where ever I go. I am not going to get into a motorized vehicle (car, bus, plane,train) unless there is an emergency.

Check out this link to see what life is like going a year without getting into motorized vehicles 🙂


We have been brainwashed into consuming single-use disposable plastics even though they pollute our Ocean, wildlife and us. The trash creators tell us recycling and resource recovery are the best options to save our planet from these deadly materials. Yet as I dug deeper and realized that recycling is a public relations campaign to get us to overlook the simple root solution of source reduction.

The root of this pervasive and destructive material is petroleum and the toxic fossil fuels that have seeped into almost every crevasse of our lives.

It’s good friend the automobile, litters the landscape and dis-associates us from the places and communities we travel through. Socially excluding us from the great theater that is life.

A gleaming symbol of freedom and happiness the bicycle is the largest immediate threat to the polluting car culture. Immersive and fun traveling by bicycle tunes me into the landscape, the place and the people around me. Moving slowly through my environment gifts me the opportunity to witness the plastic junk that hugs the bushes on the side of roads.

Car companies know all too well of this threat to their industry and are quick to promote bicycle “safety” and helmets as a way of scaring people out of this wonderful mode of transport. Using fear as a way to get people to stay in their mobile boxes of isolation and out of city council meetings proposing better bicycle infrastructure.

When I walk, bike and sk8 everywhere I feel happy, free and independent. Having walkable neighborhoods brings happiness and well being to communities everywhere.


I am hyper-localizing my life in order to drop in and be more present with the world around me. The ancient medicine of traveling slow. What heals my body, heals the Earth. I am walking for the health of our world and for future generations. When I move through the landscape slowly I am more in tune with the trash that litters our landscape and fouls our waters…. I always stop off to take pictures of the beauty and abundance that we are surrounded by and every time there is trash in the foreground. How do we change this? How do we hold the waste creators responsible for their spreading these toxic materials that don’t break down in nature?

Inspiration from John Francis, Planet Walker: