A year without a car

I am still working on a full article for my year celebrating human powered transportation but for now here is a little bit on how my year went without getting into motorized vehicles.


Every morning I hop on my magical broomstick and fly to wherever I wish to go. I never get stuck places without a ride home. I never have to sit in traffic or feel indifferent to the places I travel through. Best of all I get to ride along this lovely bike path by the river, watching the birds dance, the flowers bloom and the light change the water different colors. Celebrating human powered transportation has taught me patience, planning and presence.

Passing the seasons along my favorite bike path, the Springwater corridor.


Everything in life slowed down. Everything I did with more intention. If I was going to bike 8 miles I would stack functions and wait until I had multiple purposes to go there before I went. Every view I worked for. My own energy brought me to the tops of hills and gifted me spectacular views.


During my year I traveled through 3 states, California, Oregon and Washington. But most of my year was spent within an 8 mile radius of my home in Portland, OR. It made me grateful for all the natural spaces within those 8 miles in the city so I didn’t completely lose my mind in concrete and trash.

I biked in all kinds of weather, rain, snow, wind, hail, sunshine, cool breezes, moonlight….I tended to stay home more, reading, crafting, writing and spending time with my roommates and neighbors. It was a really wonderful way to ground into this community after moving here in late March.


Stay tuned for my full article and check out this link to find out more about my reasoning for celebrating human powered transportation for 2016! 


Sarah B


Stoked on this beautiful heART piece by my childhood friend Erin Brookshire! Growing up I looked up to Eric’s enchanting paintings of faeries, creatures and mystical places. He created this for my bike tour and today he gave it to me in real life. He presented it to me in a Nausicaa comic book (my fav Miyazaki film) about a peaceful warrior princess who discovers the healing powers of plants and defends the forest against destruction and humans fear of the unknown. The book (originally Japanese) reads right to left and sheds light on more details of her peaceful path and leadership. Check out more of his artwork here!