A great way to get started with a zero waste lifestyle is to save your trash for a week and go through it. See what kind of trash you are buying and then figure out what kind of zero waste alternatives there are.

A Zero Waste lifestyle is about buying in bulk with reusable products, repairing things that break, living simply without too many things, up-cycling waste into something new, composting kitchen scraps, developing skills from baking bread to making your own toothpaste, buying local and only buying things when you really need them. While I deeply admire zero waste living and try my best to be aware of all the trash I use in my life… I realize that lifestyle and actively trying to change out crazy consumer culture are different things. Read more by clicking here. 

Reusable to-go:

zero waste essentials

Reusable at home:


Reusable shopping:

zerowaste shopping


Check out Beth Terry’s longer plastic free guide by clicking here! 

If you want an even more extensive guide to zero waste living check out Bea Johnson’s book, Zero Waste Home. You can find this book at your local public library.

Zero Waste Home jacket