Building relationships and weaving together community, is what zero waste is about. In order to buy something thats not in a package you have to go to the source.

SHOP SLOW Seek out Handmade Original Products with Sustainable Local Organic Without waste values in mind.  Find the local person in your community who specializes in that thing you need. Localizing life gifts us the opportunity to support neighbors and buy things from a friendly face rather than a plastic package with a cute label.

The heart of the zero waste revolution is in farmers markets. Food is the most consumed “product” in the world. The more we support and empower local farmers selling real food, the more we build local resilience and strength.

farmers market

Another great way to build community and bypass packaging is to share things. Why buy something new when you can borrow it and make a new friend?! Whether its sharing a vacuum with your neighbor or going to the Library to get a book you want to read most everything we need can be shared. Libraries are great, giving access to books, movies, and music galore! The library model is growing and communities everywhere are adopting Tool libraries, neighborhood sharing stations and libraries of things. If you can’t find something like this in your own community, become a leader and create a lending library in your area!

Creating, baking, repairing and growing it yourself are awesome skills to develop but if you don’t have time/skills yet to do all those things here are some examples of ways to bypass plastic packaging:

Need some bread? Find your local baker!

Need some Vegetables? Find your local farmer!

Need something repaired? Find your local repair person!

Need some pasta sauce, hummus, or pesto? Find your favorite local restaurant and ask them to fill up a reusable jar!

Need some herbal balm? Find you local medicine person!

Need some ice cream? Bring a reusable jar to your local ice cream shop!

Need some shampoo? Find a local store that you can buy it in bulk!